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100 Billion Syrian Liras Damage in the Education Sector

Ruins of a Syrian School

The anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists from the Obama Regime death squads infesting of Syria has cost the Syrian education sector over 100 billion Liras in damaged properties and stationery.

Deputy minister of education Farah Mutlaq told Tishreen newspaper that the ministry managed to renovate 600 destroyed schools to meet educating process requirements, and that 3004 schools have been vandalized and some needs total rebuilding.

The official added that 1007 other schools were turned into refugee hosting centers.

Lord School Shelled
Lord School Shelled by Wahhabi terrorists on October 6 in Eastern Damascus

Keep in mind while the ‘humanitarian bastards’ the criers of the Syrians refugee suffering abroad keep whining for the situation of 4 million Syrian refugees who left the country due to those criers support to Wahhabi radical terrorist groups and only helping those refugees outside with barely basic means of living in exchange to taking young Syrian girls between 4 & 17 years old as ‘brides’ to elder men, the elder ones as sex slaves into their countries. On the other hand, the Syrian government supports over 6 million internally displaced Syrians with all their means for living in an honor way despite the intense sanctions imposed on Syria by the same ‘humanitarian bastards’.

During 2013 so far and only in Hama province 64 schools were attacked by terrorists, per Mr. Mutlaq, most of these schools were in the countrysides of Salamiyeh city in the province countryside. Over 37 million Syrian Liras were the estimated cost of damage, 20 million Liras of it cost of tools and equipment destroyed and the rest for building damage.

Ruins of a Syrian School
Ruins of a Syrian School – Image by AP

Syria’s education sector, one of the main focuses of the Syrian government, was systematically targeted by the cavemen sent to Syria by NATO and stooges. Hundreds of Syrian students and teachers were assassinated, suicide bombed and kidnapped. In one incident alone back in early days of the crisis, a school bus was kidnapped in Tartous countryside near Baniyas with 13 young school girls on it. The driver was shot dead immediately, the school girls were group raped then chopped into pieces and sent to their families. One of the culprit ‘freedom fighters’ was arrested and the others between killed and ran away. Professors were targeted Mossad-style, Dr. Seham Dannoun (Click here) and Dr. Tasabihji (Click here) are just 2 examples. The students of Damascus and Aleppo Universities are just 2 more examples (Click here).

We say ‘anti-Islamic’ Wahhabis because all their acts on the ground are proved to be against the teaching of Islam, one of which is the religion’s insisting on education and learning. The very first word in the holy Quran was: ‘Read’ as an order to prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, he who said: ‘Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave’, and also said: ‘Seek Knowledge even as far as China’.

Inside a shelter house provided by the Syrian government in Damascus Countryside
Inside a shelter house provided by the Syrian government in Damascus Countryside

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  1. nick olson

    These cruel acts of barbarism and destruction of educational infrastucture are crimes against humanity. The governments of countries who support these actions and those who through their silence share complicity will be held to account. #we do not forgive

  2. Syed Abuzar

    This salafist/Wahabis/Takfiris/Nasibis have proved again and again that they are illegitimate children of Abu Jahal(father of Ignorance) and Ummayyad bastards and those buggers Islamic Khalifas who burnt libraries and Universities and killed teachers


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