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YPG’s ‘Kurdalism’ Policies in North Syria

image-Kurdalism - The Israeli Project in Syria and Iraq

Syrians in the northern towns of Aleppo, counter this  Kurdalism, which the YPG is enforcing the Kurdish Language on Syrian children in schools in the towns they control in northern Syria.

The so-called People Protection Units of YPG impose the Kurdish Language in the schools in the twelve towns in the north of Aleppo’s countryside.

Al-Watan OnLine page reported the illegal practices of the YPG from local sources and added that the inhabitants of these towns, like Deir Jamal and Mara’naz, rejected these arbitrary rules and didn’t send their children to schools, asking the help of the stakeholders against this Kurdalism (the policies to turn the Arabic mother language into Kurdish).

The residents insist that they are not going to drop the language of their parents and their grandparents and have asked the help of the Syrian government, which has been offering free education for all and supplied the Syrians with everything they need for the education of the Syrian children.

The YPG is a branch of the so-called SDF ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’. Ironically, they are American, African and separatist Kurds who are led by the United States of America and they are loyal to Israel. The other irony is the ‘democratic’ they pose with while they impose their will and their own language on the native Syrians. But for being forces, they are the US forces, in that I would agree.

The so-called SDF controls some towns in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

A month ago, in another part of Syria in Al Hasaka province, the Kurds also imposed their own curriculum and language on other Syrian components in a village called Ghorion, and they were faced with a great anger by the Syrians who took to the streets in protests against those traitorous militants.

Such militants apply the Western agenda which is to eliminate the history of the great Arab Nation Syria and to remove its identity by creating a new generation with no history, no identity, and no ideology. Furthermore, creating a generation that knows nothing about its nation, about resistance, about where is its homeland, and who are its enemies?

This is the real war on Syria. First by those in the West who armed the terrorists from all over the world to destroy Syria, bombed its historical and modern edifices, murdered its scientists and blew up its schools and education sites placing universities as their main target.

Then the so-called ISIS with the modern Toyota pick-up trucks completed the mission by bombing and destroying the historical sites in both Syria and Iraq, looting their treasures which were there for thousands of years in addition to committing horrible genocide against the original residents.

And after all those came the Separatist Kurds led by the US and its stooges like Israel and Al Saud, and with their ugly flags, ISIS first and The Israeli flag later. They supported Israel, wanted the autonomy and moreover to steal the oil and attack other Syrians to uproot them from their own land.

A Syrian TV reporter a year ago reported from the camps in Turkey about the dirty Turkish agenda which was clear, regardless of the enmity between the Kurdish (PKK – YPG) and Turkey, both parties are united against Syria. Turkish authorities forced Syrian refugee children to learn Turkish language and Turkish culture and to wipe everything Syrian from their conscience. One of their focuses was on removing the part of Syria’s wars with Israel showing the latter as a friend and not an aggressor who steals land and attack all neighbors. Turkish authorities even removed parts of Syria from the maps they introduced to the children in schools.

We are facing a really dirty war against not only against the unity of our homeland but also against our history and future. We always treated the Kurds in a brotherly way, we always considered them a component of the Syrian rich mosaic. We should fight this agenda as

We should fight this agenda as strongly as we fight terrorists on the ground.

— Afraa Dagher

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