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Wounded Warriors Visit Damascus International Fair

Wounded Warriors

Dozens of Syrian Arab Army wounded warriors visited the Damascus International Fair, 14 September. Conscription in Syria begins at 18, with postponements up to age 45, for those engaged in studies. Women and single male children are exempt. Since the most heinous of international conspiracies against one country began in 2011, increasing numbers of women have volunteered in joining the Syrian Arab Army.

Wounded warriors attend the 60th Edition of the Damascus International Fair.

These wounded warriors have defended their country within its internationally recognized borders from 100s of thousands of invading pathogens — the world’s human garbage, the criminally insane dumped into the Syrian Arab Republic from all four corners of the world.  These wounded warriors have fought terrorism on behalf of all of humanity.  The SAA continues to do so.

Every neighborhood in Syria has too many of these heroes; every neighborhood has buried too, too many martyrs.

Mass funeral for 83 Syrian soldiers massacred by US war criminal bombings was unreported in western media

In one of the most rancid acts of geopolitical sadism, the USS The Sullivans is reported to be stationed in the Mediterranean, weapons aimed at Syria, as warmongers jones to create more wounded warriors, more martyrs, and more ”collateral damage.”

Miri Wood

In March 2013, First Lady Asmaa al Assad honored Martyrs’ Mothers, on the occasion of Mothers’Day.

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