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Why not? ISIS and Israel have Everything in Common

Why not? ISIS & Israel have everything in common.

Both ISIS and Israel are borderless entities spreading on stolen land by imported radical fanatics who believe their way is the way everybody must follow or get killed, lynched, arrested or exiled.

Both ISIS and Israel enjoy the support of the same international and regional goons and aggressors including NATO, Turkey and Qatar.

Both ISIS and Israel have the same enemies: the people of the Levant and their thousands of years civilization and culture.

Anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadism ISIS and affiliates (Alqaeda, FSA, Nusra Front..) follow is very much alike the Anti-Islamic anti-humanity Zionism followed by Israel and radical Jews and fanatic Christians in the West.

More Jews have joined Islamic State, French official says – Jewish World News
A handful of Jews, some converts to Islam, among 1,000 French citizens who have joined jihad, Channel 2 reports.

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