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Washington is Arming ISIS and Nusra Front Terrorists in Syria

image-SAA Confiscate US Weapons Destined to Nusra Front in Idlib

Syrian authorities seized, again, another shipment of weapons on 9 October 2017 which was on its way to the terrorist groups in the south of Idlib, al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant aka HTS) and its affiliated terrorist groups.

The head of operations department in the Syrian Arab Army General Ali al-Ali said that the United States is arming the terrorists in Syria, not the ‘moderate rebels’. The weapons were coming from the west to the terrorist groups, most of it was American, French and Belgian made weapons.

A spokesman for the Pentagon, the War Ministry of the United States, alleged in last May that the United States is sending weapons to the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (HSD) to help liberate Raqqa from ISIS terrorist organization.

SAA General al-Ali said: we know about the US arming terrorist groups, the United States has supplied those terrorist groups by weapons in the period between 5th of June through 15 September 2017 with 1421 trucks filled with weapons and military equipment.

The US has maintained a narrative that these weapons were to fight terrorist groups, however, these weapons ended up in the hands of terrorists in al-Nusra Front and ISIS! The west is transferring these weapons to the radicals in the

The West is transferring these weapons to the radicals in the Middle East across the sea, and it reaches those radical terrorists in Syria across the border which are not under the Syrian government control.

These weapons were bought by the US and other western companies like Orbital ATK, and Chemring. According to the Pentagon’s program to support the US ‘ allies!

— Afraa Dagher

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