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A War on the Streets of Kerak Tourist City South of Jordan

image-Kerak City Street Fights

A group of rebels have attacked a security post of the king’s forces in the city of Kerak to the south of Jordan’s capital Amman resulting in killing and wounding a number of the king’s forces.

The exchange of fire erupted as rebels attacked the security post caused the killing of at least 7 of the king’s security forces and left at least 4 wounded, 2 civilians are reported to be wounded and some reports even mentioned the killing of a Canadian lady tourist.

image-Kerak City Street Fights
Kerak City Street Fights

The rebels are said to be taking hostages in a trench in the city’s old citadel, while 14 tourists were freed among them were Malaysian citizens.

Rebels identities have not yet been confirmed.

Watch a compilation of 4 videos recorded by activists showing side of the fighting:

The Jordanian king haven’t been heard of yet, while his troops have encircled the city and helicopters are hovering over the citadel combing the streets of Karek and around.

Jordan has served as a base for terrorists from all groups to launch their attacks against Syria from the south. Terrorist groups operate under the command of what is known as the MOK command center.

image-Kerak Map - Jordan
Kerak Map – Jordan

Kerak’s population around 23,000, it’s a tourist attraction especially for its Crusader castle named after the city.

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