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USA: Keep the Warmongering On and Threats Levels Up, Milk Everybody!

US Top General McKenzie Warmongering about Iran

Top USA Army General in the region warns that whatever killing machines and killers he can bring he will still need more to thwart an Iranian new attack, he said “again” meaning there’s a precedent.

I can claim I’m a close observant to the world events and especially in our region, that is the Arab World and Iran, I do NOT recall that Iran at any time has waged any attack, at least no offensive attack, might have defended its territories, which is natural and a must and if it doesn’t do so it’s betrayal, I even looked up the news hastily to try to find out when was the last time Iran attacked, not in my lifetime at least, when I lost count at the number of attacks the US itself has carried out including country-level invasions!

This army general, however, doesn’t seem to be from the type that cares for his troops, or maybe money talked louder into his ears, otherwise, sacrificing thousands of US troops now positioned as sitting ducks and provoking the region’s heavyweight and super-regional-power is suicidal.

I did read through the warmongering piece ran by FP and found out he’s referring to the military attack carried by the Yemeni Armed Forces against Aramco facilities, the US-owned and run under Saudi umbrella humongous oil corporation. Attributing the attacks to Iran is rather ludicrous since Iran denied its involvement, Yemenis not only claimed the attacks they even showed their own produced missiles and drones used in that attack.

Maybe blaming Iran for the attacks is the US military people’s way in somehow and partly avoiding the humiliation that a small impoverished besieged and heavily bombarded country like Yemen can produce weapons that can fly around and over US state of the art super expensive heavy air defense networks without getting spotted and successfully carry out that excessive lengthy attack.

Attributing the attack to Iran, instead, shows this army general being either stupid enough or heinous enough to lure the region into a new war and get thousands of own troops killed, something every military officer tries to avoid otherwise, and feed the lust to get innocent people’s blood spilled is in this guy’s blood. So which type is he?

Keeping the threat of the boogeyman also helps them milk the Saudis who put themselves in this place in the first place, and others and milk the US taxpayers, the biggest losers in all of these adventurous wars around the planet, with not a single one won by the US since, again before I was born, at least.

Now that we spoke about the non-existing Iranian threat and never happened Iranian attacks against the US, how about talking about the US attacks against Iran: Something like flying drones into their airspace to spy on them, carrying out cyberattacks against their nuclear facilities, assassinations of their scientists, pirating their oil container, surrounding their country with military bases and navy combat groups exactly on the other side of the planet from the US territories, withdrawing from multi-national treaties, impose tight economic sanctions against Iran and every country and company that deals with Iran amounting this type of sanctions to ‘economic terror’, and publicly calling to overthrow the legitimate government there. What about creating terrorist groups and fueling internal riots to cause strife in Iran…? Or these are Iranian threats to the USA?

Iran places their country near US military bases
Iranians placed their country near US military bases
Distance between Iran and the USA only 10,200 Kilometers (6,345 miles)
Distance between Iran and the USA only 10,200 Kilometers (6,345 miles), halfway across the planet!

Will the US citizens take back their government and save the world the mess this junta ruling there is doing? This call is for the US citizens, not the only other criminal warmongering Democratic Party, the other face of the current one.

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