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70% of IDP Families Returned to their Liberated Villages in Idlib Province

Residents returning to their liberated villages in Idlib countryside

Idlib liberated villages in the province’s eastern countryside are being rehabilitated by state’s workshops which helped the return of the majority of the IDPs to their homes.

Over the past 1.5 years since cleaning these villages form NATO terrorists, and despite the hardship due to the sanctions and continuous terror threats by al-Qaeda and their chief Turkish Erdogan, the public workshops are working on restoring the living conditions to the state it was prior to the US-waged War of Terror against the country.

The infrastructure was completed destroyed with Erdogan stealing power plants, and his al-Qaeda FSA terrorists destroying the roads, clinics, schools, utilities, and even the fresh drinking water networks.

Now, thanks to these state’s efforts, 70% of the displaced Syrian families have returned and returning at an average of 100 – 200 families a day to their homes in the terror-free villages in Idlib.

The following report by Saer Salim of the Lebanese al-Mayadeen news channel adds some info:

The video is also available on Bitchute:

The transcript of the English translation of the above report:

The countryside liberated from the Idlib governorate in Syria is witnessing several government projects to restore life to liberated areas.

About 70% of the people of the liberated villages in the eastern countryside of Idlib have returned to it during the past two years. Since then, service workshops have continued through the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of infrastructure.

The technical study was prepared for this project and we have been granted this subsidy of 110 million Syrian pounds for reconstruction with government support and with the support of the ministry and the maintenance of this project.

As part of the Government’s reconstruction plan in the liberated area of Sinjar, we have 3 projects, two projects have been implemented and the third is being executed.

Service workshops of various government sectors carry out their work in paving roads, extending water networks and lighting public utilities with alternative energy in the liberated villages, It also works to install doors and windows for damaged houses in these villages to ease the financial burden on the people and encourage the rest to return to their homes and help them to rehabilitate them.

When citizens returned a year and a half ago, there was no infrastructure that existed as a result of terrorist acts. thanks to God after 1.5 years the roads paving projects are being concluded.

Hawa’s municipality projects have served more than 8,000 people and the return of residents to safe areas is increasing daily by 100 to 200 families.

The Syrian government is working on new service projects such as installing the electrical network, activating health clinics and providing living necessities for citizens returning to their homes.

Rehabilitation and opening of courts, agricultural departments, petrol stations, and bakeries have contributed to the revitalization of the movement in the liberated villages east of Idlib which was the main reason for the return of the population to their homes.

End of the transcript

Meanwhile, the USA and its European stooges and regional cronies continue to impose and tighten their illegal draconian sanctions against the Syrian state with Trump forces turning into mercenaries and bandits looting Syria’s much-needed oil to help rebuild the country.

Not only they sponsored the terror that caused all the mayhem in Syria, but NATO and stooges also block the country’s trade, invade it from all sides, sponsor al-Qaeda and Israeli IDF terrorists bombing its cities, and steal its resources. If there’s anything the uncivilized West will be remembered for is their Ottoman-style ongoing genocide of the Syrian people, but we will prevail, just like how Syrians have seen throughout their history all the other empires rise and when those empires harmed Syria they were doomed.

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