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US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists Assassinate a Syrian Judge in Daraa

Syrian Judge Munther Othman Al Salamat assassinated by US ISIS in Daraa - بقايا داعش بدعم من الجيش الامريكي يغتالون القاضي منذر عثمان السلامات في ازرع - درعا

US-sponsored remnants of the ISIS terrorists in southern Syria assassinated a Syrian judge in Daraa province’s central countryside yesterday 17 May 2023.

The ISIS terrorists gunned down Judge Munther Othman Al-Salamat, counselor of the Misdemeanor Appeal Court in Daraa, and a judge in the Al-Hirak District Court in front of his house in the city of Izraa, a statement by Daraa Police Commands said.

In their statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA, the Daraa police command added:

“Unidentified persons shot Judge Salamat in front of his house in the city of Izraa in the northeastern countryside of Daraa, seriously wounding him. He was taken to Izraa National Hospital for first aid, but he died of his wounds.”

The above-mentioned statement reminds us that Martyr Judge Al-Salamat had been targeted before by the US-sponsored terrorists a little over a month ago, his car was torched in the previous attack, the statement concludes that investigations continue to identify the criminals and bring them to justice.

The conservative statement by the Daraa Police Command would not point to the main suspects, the remnants of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) who fled the province of Daraa and have been hiding under the protection of the illegal US military base in Al Tanf, it’s a norm in law enforcement practices not to speculate until the investigations are concluded.

However, there’s a consensus among political and news analysts especially in southern Syria that almost all of the terrorist attacks that took place in the southern region were attributed to the remnants of ISIS who fled Daraa after the Syrian Arab Army cleansed their last strongholds within the city of Daraa in September 2021.

Syrian law enforcement agencies with the help of the Syrian Arab Army and locals continue to hunt down the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists whenever they get out of the ’55 kilometers zone’ protected by the US Army in the Al Tanf region. Dozens of those terrorists were eliminated already, yet, the US and its camp of evil lackeys continue to recruit more terrorists from all over the world and send them into Syria to continue spreading ‘Western values’ in this country.

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