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US’s ISIS Terrorists Assassinate Quneitra City Council Member

ISIS-affiliate Maghawir Thawra Syria Free Army receiving training by the US Army in Al-Tanf

Remnants of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists assassinated a ruling Baath Party and state official in Quneitra province, southern Syria, local sources reported.

Hamad Al-Koumah, Member of the Quneitra Governorate Council and Secretary of the Baath partisan division in the town of Ghadir al-Bustan in the southern countryside of Quneitra was assassinated by masked armed terrorists.

The Syrian news agency SANA also reported the terrorist attack adding based on a medical source at the Martyr Mamdouh Abaza Hospital in the city of Quneitra:

“The ambulance department received Hamad Al-Kuma at dawn today, and it was immediately found that he was in a state of death after being hit by several bullets that settled in different areas of his body.”

Syrian Law enforcement in the southern region, Quneitra, Daraa, Sweida, and southern Damascus countryside provinces initiated a joint investigation between the Syrian police commands in these provinces and the military security division responsible for tracking ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) remnants, two local sources confirmed to Syria News.

No party claimed responsibility for this latest terrorist attack by the time of this report, however, there’s an agreement among political and security analysts in attributing such terrorist attacks to the remnants of ISIS terrorists who fled Daraa upon its liberation by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in September 2021 and who enjoy the protection of the illegal US Army military base in the Syrian Al Tanf region at the joint borders with Iraq and Jordan where they get trained, armed, provided with secure shelter, and logistical support to carry out their terrorist attacks against the Syrian people.

The US regimes of Obama / Biden, Trump, and Biden /Obama use al Qaeda and its offshoot ISIS in addition to the presumed ‘Marxist’ leftist Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists as its main proxy tools to promote ‘Western values’ in Syria and Iraq, two of the most established civilizations in the world with over century-long lively political systems, unlike the US allies in the region; Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, the world’s most retard political regimes seems not in need of any Western values, democracy, or liberalism.

If you believe the USA promotes democracy worldwide in countries that never asked for it using its over a thousand military bases and naval fleets, you seriously need a sanity evaluation.

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  1. Roy

    The primary problem with the uncivilized Western Civilization, began over 6000 years ago with the step by step murder of the goddess and therefore the stripping of the rights and freedoms of all women until they were little more than the slaves of men who could be raped at will with no legal recourse for protection other than as the property of men; and that is why they behave as they do the violent raping of men, women and children.
    Really, the only people on Earth who deserve life are the oppressed and those who give them aid.


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