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Two Terrorist Explosions Claim the Lives of 8 People in Northern Syria

Car explosion in Afrin kills 5 people - terrorist explosions

Car explosion in Afrin kills 5 people

Two explosions in the northern regions of Syria occupied by NATO member state Turkey and its affiliated Al Qaeda terrorists claimed the lives of at least 8 people and injured dozens of others yesterday, Monday 11 October.

A car bomb was detonated in the city of Afrin in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, northwest of Syria, at least 5 people were killed including a woman and 22 others injured. The terrorist attack took place near the Kawa roundabout in the center of Afrin city, it seems it was targeting a center of the Saudi-sponsored Jaish Islam terrorists in the city.

Jaish Islam was defeated and its members were expelled from Damascus countryside, their headquarters was in the city of Douma, it used to be the largest organized terrorist group with an inflated number of more than 60 thousand members, it turned out that most of them were forced to join under threats against their families and many of them joined the Syrian army when the real battle started. Those who refused to join the reconciliation process who have Syrian blood on their hands were either expelled to areas controlled by the Turkish regime and its affiliated Al Qaeda groups in the north of Syria.

Another explosion occurred inside a house of a terrorist commander killed at least 3 civilians including a child in the village of Al-Dabis in the northern Aleppo countryside.

The house of a commander of a Turkish-sponsored terrorist group that calls itself ‘Sultan Murad’ was used as a munition depot, unknown reasons detonated some of the munition which blew up the house and killed a woman, a child, and a man, it also injured a number of civilians near the house in the village of Al-Dabis in the Jarabulus region, about 15 kilometers to the borders with Turkey.

Local sources said the victims were moved to the house of the terrorist commander in order to smuggle them into Turkey with the help of smugglers working for a business run by the family of the Turkish madman Erdogan and in coordination with the notorious Turkish MiT, the military intelligence headed by Erdogan’s friend Hakan Fidan who is also the madman’s main link with the infamous Turkish mafia.

Turkish intelligence and Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups run thriving businesses across the Syrian – Turkish lengthy borders where stolen Syrian oil, antiquities, children and women, sick patients who are used as body parts in Turkish slaughterhouses registered as hospitals, drugs, and even machinery stolen from Syrian factories, all in exchange of weapons, higher-quality drugs, and dollars to finance the terrorist operations against the Syrian people in the regions occupied by NATO member state Turkey. Such items, and people, are usually hidden in the houses of terrorists during the transport as what happened to the unlucky victims of yesterday’s explosions.

Nobody claimed responsibility for either of the explosions, two culprits are known for using such tactics: the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and other Al Qaeda factions, namely the so-called HTS, all of which are NATO proxies.

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