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Twitter Punishes Syrian Electronic Army

SEA Twitter Account

Twitter Inc, the micro-blogging company has suspended the account of the Syrian Electronic Army, a group of pro Syria and anti-NATO intervention in their country today 20 April 2013. The account had 17,365 Tweets and 11,720 Followers when it was closed.

Syrian Electronic Army Tweet
Syrian Electronic Army tweet confirming the suspension of one of their accounts

The suspension of SEA account came almost the same time some of the United State large cable network CBS Twitter accounts were tweeting extra-ordinary tweets about Syria which caused a shock among these accounts followers whom were accustomed only to the propaganda they’re fed, to the extent some immediately replied to one of the tweets posted on the 60 Minutes account:

Tweet on 60 Minutes account claimed to be by hackers from SEA
Tweet on 60 Minutes account claimed to be by hackers from SEA

A tweet presumably posted by a hacker: ‘Exclusive: Terror is striking the #USA and #Obama is Shamelessly in Bed with Al-Qaeda | #60Minutes‘ had at least 130 retweets before it was deleted.

Suspending SEA account is unprecedented and it’s a very bad move by Twitter but not surprising especially after a Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Talal bought a $300 million stake in the US company after the Arab Spring was in full sway in December 2011 and Twitter along with other social media sites namely YouTube and Facbeook were seen as activists main tools to incite protests.

It would be understood if the micro-blogging company was indeed transparent with all its users, but to suspend a group of hackers trying to send a message when the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and many of the Arab League countries banned Syrian based media and taken Syrian satellite channels off air, while maintaining accounts of similar organizations like Anonymous doesn’t make sense.

It gets more odd when Al-Nusra Front, an organization listed by the USA as a terrorist organization and just recently pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda has a twitter accounts with 49,827 followers at the time of writing this post promoting its Wahhabi sick ideology meant to destroy Islam from within:

Al-Nusra Front Twitter Account
Al-Nusra Front Twitter Account –

More posts we managed to capture before they were deleted from another CBS affiliate @48hours:

Tweets posted on 48 Hours account
Tweets posted on 48 Hours account

‘New Evidence of CIA Arming Al Qaeda Terrorists in #Syria | … #48hours’

‘WMDs Provided by NATO to Al-Qaeda for a False Flag Operation in #Syria | … #48hours’

& ‘Once I take away your guns you will all be mine – Barack Hussein #Obama #48hours

Upon checking the above links we only see the hackers were trying to voice their suffering and linking genuine articles, OK beside the picture of Obama, but their message doesn’t hold any harm, unlike Al-Nusra front for instance.

Syrian activists from within Syria and those trying to help from abroad keep on complaining about double standards by social media platforms, YouTube keeps deleting video clips uploaded on pro-Syrian activists trying to show the crimes of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, while the same videos with different narratives are hosted on the site, same for Facebook maintaining pages supporting NATO intervention and its agents in the country while continuously deleting pages by anti-NATO interventionists, Google Maps once renamed Syrian landmarks and the country’s largest lake known as Al-Assad Lake was renamed by Google Maps as Syria Lake, before they returned it back, and now Twitter. Even the USA took Syrian Electronic Army’s website  down recently as well.

God help Syria and the real Syrians.

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  1. Fatime

    I am not astonished about this, as Twitter, like Facebook, XING, Google / Youtube, are run in the USA by pro-zionist, pro-wahhaibi, regularily brainwashed people.

    "This is a war" (Assad). Yes, there is a war going on in the streets of our nation, Syria, with US-led death-squads killing defenseless civilians, and there is the same kind of war going on against Syria in the western manipulating mass-media (namely BBC, CNN, Foxnews and the 'arab' channels Aljazeera and Alarabiyya, Orient, France2, ARTE, Euronews, the agencies Reuters, AFP, and others) and on the internet.

    This very much demonstrates the charactre of the PLOT that is enrolled and aiming to destroy Syria. Kill syrians on the ground, silence the syrian voices on air that is whats going on.

    But the western terrorists at White House and Facebook have to realize we are still here – we are withstanding, persisting… This is because WE ARE SYRIANS. A nation, united and aware, won't be destroyed by external enemies.


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