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Turkish Soldier Killed in Northern Syria, Erdogan’s War Minister Admits

Turkish army soldier and members of Al Qaeda FSA terrorists in northern Syria

A Turkish soldier was killed in northern Syria during the illegal invasion operations carried out by the Turkish regime of madman Erdogan, Erodgan’s war minister admitted.

The Turkish regime’s propaganda outlet Anadolu carried the statement of the Turkish war ministry said in a tweet that their soldier was killed in the northern countryside of Aleppo, the propaganda outlet added that he was killed by a missile strike by what it called ‘terrorists’, without elaborating.

Other reporters with access to information from within the Turkish army said that 4 other Turkish soldiers were injured in an intense exchange of missile bombing between the two NATO tools, the Turkish army with its Al Qaeda affiliates on one side, and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists on the other.

Although the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists have become a fully terrorist organization working for Israel and the USA, no difference than ISIS or Nusra Front aka HTS aka Al Qaeda Levant, it’s ironic that the Turkish propagandists call them terrorists when Turkey itself, under the regime of the Zionist tool madman Erdogan has sponsored dozens of terrorist organizations including the aforementioned Pentagon proxy terrorists of ISIS and their ilk.

Dozens of the Turkish troops have been killed in Syria, officially reported, we believe that the real number of casualties among the Turkish army is much higher than the ‘dozens’ officially stated numbers, which are most likely in their hundreds.

The Turkish army soldiers are sacrificed to protect Erdogan’s most beloved and most loyal anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists of the Turkestan Islamist Party (mainly Chinese Uighur and other Central Asians), Hamzat, Faylaq Sham, HTS, and other terrorists he imported from all sides of the world to fight his wars and he sends the Turkish soldiers as cannon fodders and human shields hoping that more Turkish soldiers get killed in his military adventures in order for him to drag his NATO brethren into his wars.

From Syria News to the families of the Turkish troops in Syria:
Your relatives, brothers, fathers, cousins, in the Turkish army operating abroad, especially in Syria, are carrying out illegal war crimes unsanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, unapproved by the Syrian government, and are only working for Erdogan so his family businesses can grow. Those of them killed during battles are not ‘heroes’, the least they are war criminals killed while committing their war crimes. Syrians will never forget nor forgive these latest 10.5 years of war crimes committed by the Turkish regime against the Syrian people, the regime you, the Turkish people have repeatedly voted in power. The region did not yet forget the genocides committed by your ancestors against every other people they encountered, the shame will follow you forever and we and our children will make sure the world will never forget nor your children can cry and claim these war crimes never happened like how you are trying now to deny such genocides your ancestors committed against the Syrians, Armenians, Iraqis, Greeks, Cypriots, Russians, and the Kurds in northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey.

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  1. Roy A Booher

    A grossly overweight soldier holding one corner of a cloth flag. ‘Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose?

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    The Turks have no shame, they have a very bloody history on their hands and they are working hard to remind the world of their war crimes and genocides against all the peoples in the region.


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