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Turkish MP Calls for Investigating Erdogan;s Policy Towards Terrorism in Syria

Mar 16, 2013

ANKARA, (SANA) – Turkish Peace and Democracy Party MP Altan Tan submitted a warrant of questioning to the Turkish Parliament on the activities of the Justice and Development Party in support of the armed groups in Syria, suggesting formation of a parliamentary investigation committee in this regard.
During a press conference held on Friday at the Turkish Parliament, Tan revealed that tens of complaints were submitted by Turkish families whose sons were sent to fight in Syria.

He added that Erdogan’s government keeps silent on this issue as it does towards other sensitive issues, while the death of a Turkish young man from Diyarbakir city  and five others from Bingol city proves the truth of information on sending young men from Turkey to fight among the armed groups in Syria.
He stressed that the current Turkish government’s policy towards Syria has increased concerns in Turkey over the danger of the armed terrorist groups.

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