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tunis salafist killed brahmi

Old palace in Tunisia

According to the new statement from the Tunisian Interior Minister, a Salafist was behind the targeted assassination of the prominent and secular leader of the opposition party in Tunis, Mohamed Brahmi.

Mohamed al-Brahmi was shot dead by alleged (now) two gunmen with 11 bullets from close range in front of his house in Tunis, while his family has witnessed the assassination of the prominent opposition figure. Mohamed Brahmi was declared dead upon his arrival at a near hospital in Tunis afterwards.

The Tunisian Interior Minister, Lotfi Ben Jeddou, said today that the targeted assassination of the secular and prominent opposition figure Mohamed al-Brahmi “was the work of a member of the extremist Salafist movement” in Tunisia and this information is absolutely not surprising, of course. It was even to assume already after the sad incident. It is further to assume that the same person is also behind the assassination of another prominent opposition figure in Tunisia this year (February).

According to the statements by Lotfi Ben Jeddou, the Tunisian Interior Minister, at a press conference today in Tunis, the first information gathered by the already started investigation of the assassination of Mohamed al-Brahmi, who was gunned down outside his house yesterday, show that Boubaker Hakim, a Salafist extremist, was involved in this murder.

In addition, the story about the assassination of Mohamed al-Brahmi has changed since yesterday. While it was first published that a gunman killed the prominent opposition figure yesterday, it is now said that two gunmen on a motorcycle have killed the secular head of the opposition party in Tunisia.

The Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou also said today at this press conference in Tunis, that the investigation would already show the implication of Boubaker Hakim, who is obviously already known by the Tunisian authorities as an extremist member of the Salafist movement (Salafi movement).

Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou further stated that the opposition leader, Mohamed al-Brahmi, was killed with the same weapon that was already used in an earlier assassination this year. The weapon was already used in the killing of the prominent opposition figure Shukri Balaid in February, 2013 (as already reported).

Old palace in Tunisia
Old palace in Tunisia

In the last months, there were several clashes between extremist Salafist groups (Salafi groups) and the Tunisian security and police. Of course, these kind of clashes are not unexpected in regards to the kind of Salafist movement in Tunisia. In addition, and under consideration of the kind of people who are members of these Salafist groups in Tunisia, it is to hope that the Tunisian authorities will finally act in a better manner against such religious fanatics.

Thousands of supporters of the prominent Tunisian opposition leader Mohamed al-Brahmi, who was killed yesterday, have poured onto the streets of the capital Tunis and other cities in the North African country.

The angry protesters, for example, have demanded the closure of the Tunisian parliament while they gathered in front of the Ministry of Interior in Tunis yesterday. The Tunisian security has then used tear gas to disperse the peaceful protesters.

As already mentioned earlier today, the several Tunisian opposition parties have announced that they are going to establish an alternative government and try everything to force the current government of the country to step some. It is to expect that the violence and clashes will again increase in Tunisia, and this especially in the capital, Tunis.

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