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The scenario of the Long-Awaited Anticipated Regional War between Syria and Israel

The scenario of the long-awaited anticipated regional war between Syria and Israel.

Garble Darble

I warned friends that the US is planning to invade Syria/Iraq and gave breaking headlines a while ago about what’s going on.

Now I’m going to give you guys a quick hint where the attack will take place. Right now, Iranian troops have finally come to the Syrian army’s aid, destroying the terrorists stationed in Daraa countryside, allowing the Syrian army to resume cleaning up Aleppo.

The Syrian army is already in “no man’s land” in the Golan Heights, meaning that the ceasefire signed in 1974 is officially null and void. The Americans want to stop this, at the rate the Syrian army bolstered by the IRGC is moving, they will liberate the Golan by the end of the year (I’m joking, but this is the basic fear of Israel, that they will now be held accountable for any unprovoked attack they commit on Syria soil).

In order to ensure Israel’s safety and to avoid a final, joint counter-attack by Hezbollah, Iran and Syria to stop the flow of terrorists from Syria’s own soil in the Golan, the US will of course intervene directly to protect Israel by taking the Rutba crossing between Jordan, Syria and Iraq. This is one of the towns not taken by ISIS thanks to bombings by the Syrian air force that the US state department condemned.

This is the only paved roadway that links Iran directly to Syria by land. By cutting it off, they hope to remove any chance for Iran to continue bolstering the Syrian army so that the gains in Daraa are reversed and the terrorists can finally reach Damascus. In order to prevent Syria from fighting back, the US is now flying strategic bombers, B-1Bs, over Syrian air space. This has a double purpose which I will not cover, but it’s important to note that these bombers can carry 57 tonnes of munitions.

Should they set it out with tactical nuclear weapons, just one bomber is enough to wipe out the entire Syrian nation? Obama is also requesting a blank cheque from Congress to wage war on the entire planet. The timing is no coincidence.

I hope this roughly explains what is going on. A complete analysis requires me to explain what is happening in Ukraine as well, but I am afraid this is all I have time to do for now. Needless to say, Russian silence on the matter is a good indication that they intend to stay out of it. Should the US take the Rutba crossing unimpeded, Syria will have to hold out for Iran to clean up the whole of Iraq. There is a good chance that the capital will eventually fall should this take too long.

It’s critical that people understand this and understand that the next step after taking Rutba is for the US to enter Syria directly.

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