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obama regime wants to redo criminal bushs war on humanity in iraq and on usa an

Obama regime wants to redo criminal Bush's war on humanity in Iraq and on USA and expand it further.

Iraq For Sale – History Repeats Itself

Does anyone remember the Iraq war? We sure do! Remember how private military contractors profiteered by price gouging every opportunity they had? Billing the government $100 for a six pack of Coke or a load of laundry? Leasing $45,000 vehicles for $250,000 and pocketing the difference?Remember the lives lost -both American and Iraqi? Remember how #Iraq was destroyed and #ISIS grew stronger?SHARE because it's happening all over again thanks to #Obama's new war plans! Watch the Brave New Films documentary "Iraq For Sale", FREE: httpsa//httpa// because it never really ended, and it's about to ramp back up! #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

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