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The Blue Jasmine: America Faces its Second Defeat in Syria After Two Years of the Crisis

Written by Kefah Nasr

Maybe two years ago with the start of the Syrian crisis all was murky, yes two years ago and a few days, many people did not believe that there could be protesters who burned the Syrian flag in Daraa, and many questioned the Syrian media, and questioned that Al Qaeda is active on the ground behind the demonstrations that making legitimate demands. Today the opposition has a flag and it’s the French mandate one. Even in many areas the presence on the ground was just for Al Qaeda to the point that many of the areas cancelled the French occupation of Syria flag and replaced it with Al Qaeda flag, and not only that, but today it’s no longer a secret any more that the essence of the conflict in the region and what was called the Arab Spring, and before the wars of Washington and Tel Aviv, were only wars for gas and oil pipelines, which I wrote about earlier under the name of ‘Blue Jasmine’, and after two years of the Syrian crisis all the facts have become clear and exposed, and not any longer secret.


Washington’s wars had started after George W. Bush formed his administration of a war cabinet (he brought Dick Cheney from Halliburton Company, Richard Armitage from Unocal Company, the war on Afghanistan was decided in Unocal’s offices. He also brought Condoleezza Rice from Chevron. Knowing the Bush had reached power with the money from a group of companies that has interest in the region, especially Enron.) The war on Afghanistan was launched under the name of the ‘war on Qaeda’ while the war on Iraq was launched under the pretext of nuclear weapons. But today the American is fighting publically to pass oil pipelines from north of Iraq to Turkey, without the approval of the central government in Bagdad, after the Americans were defeated there, and in Afghanistan, the truth of war can be comprehended when the American Ambassador in Pakistan Richard Wilson said quite publically “the American Administration stands against the construction of Iran-Pakistan Pipeline, while America supports the construction of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipelines”. The war on Al Qaeda doesn’t fool anyone any more, the real reason for the war on Afghanistan was revealed. And the reasons for the war on Lebanon can be understood from a report published by the British newspaper “The Times”. It says “Large quantities of oil and natural gas were discovered off the Lebanese coast. This discovery had caused a competition among international companies, which may redraw the oil map in the region”, this is the truth when Lebanon becomes an oil & gas provider & exporter to Europe, who would ever dear to support Israel against Lebanon. The Syrian crisis had the benefit of exposing lots of facts.


War on Syria is nothing more than a part of America’s schemes to construct American energy pipelines. But at the first year of the crisis, the American schemes started to collapse. Starting from the delaying of Nabucco pipeline, to Hungary withdrawing from Nabucco the one supported by America. Later Russia started to construct the South Stream gas pipeline. The Eastern Mediterranean gas pipeline had failed in Syria, and Putin had won in Syria, and the world is no longer unipolar. Today after two years of the Syrian crisis America faces its second defeat in its projects in the region with the start of the construction of the Iranian Al Salam pipelines to Pakistan, to be connected later with India, against America’s wishes. Some experts would say it’s early to hand out results, but in truth next year is the year when the American leaves Afghanistan.


After all, the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline that the American Ambassador spoke of is nothing more than bogus. What the ambassador forgot to mention is that it’s more than twenty years old, there’s no hope that it’ll ever be a reality as long as Tehran and Moscow stand against it. When Wilson says that “we stand against Iran-Pakistan pipeline” he’s admitting defeat in Afghanistan, after what exceeded a ten years of war in this country, and ten years of ongoing negotiation in Doha. He’s admitting that he’s not able to pressure Tehran in Damascus, but quite the opposite. Each more day of the crisis, America’s losses grow. And quite similar to when America spent billions of dollars for the war on Iraq, to have Syria & Iran later harvest the benefits, the only one to harvest the benefits of the war on Afghanistan are Iran and Russia. Some experts have said of Washington & Tel Aviv wars, that while Washington pay for war, others gain the booty.


At the beginning of executing Iranian Al Salam gas pipelines, the question “What will Washington gain from the Syrian crisis..?” isn’t valid any longer, the question now is “What will remain for Washington in the region after the Syrian crisis ends?” After two years of the crisis, Netanyahu assurances to Tel Aviv that all options towards Iran are open, surely doesn’t mean the military option. It means that all options are open, including admitting that the Resistance Axis had won, Americans left without any options.


Time has done its work, we can be positive that Syrian’s steadfastness didn’t only reveal the nature of the aggression on Syria, it had exhausted the American. The sanctions on Iran had failed, even by Washington’s closest allies, like Turkey, Japan, South Korea. America’s inability to even disrupt the Iranians gas pipelines is a proof enough that time didn’t only weaken and mute Washington, it also pressured it. Especially in regards to the increase of demand on Iran’s energy imports to many countries starting from Pakistan where the Iranian gas pipelines forms a direct threat to America’s interests. But Washington had no other options left but to face the reality, else, America’s pressure would become a reason for its allies to rebel. Accepting realities will only increase in the coming years & it will reach the EU. Putin had pointed out in his speech after winning the presidential elections that in the next five years we’ll witness changes in the world.  

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Translated by ProSyriana


– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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