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The Independent: The Conflict in Syria Creates Wave of British Jihadists

Mar 14, 2013

LONDON, (SANA)- The Independent newspaper revealed that the crisis in Syria is creating “a new wave of jihadists in Britain, with Syria now the main destination for militant Muslims wishing to fight abroad”, in a new evidence on the involvement of foreign sides in the crisis and the influx of gunmen from European and regional countries.

“Syria has replaced Pakistan and Somalia as the preferred front line where Islamist volunteers can experience immediate combat,” the British newspaper quoted security agencies as saying in an article published Wednesday.

It pointed out that these “worrying development has been taking place as extremist groups, some with links to al-Qa’ida, have become the dominant force” among the terrorist groups in Syria.

The Independent estimated the number of British extremists who have gone to fight in Syria at more than 100, noting that this number is “continuing to rise”.

“The situation presents a unique problem for Western security and intelligence services. In Syria, unlike Pakistan and Somalia, they have to keep track of jihadists who are being backed by Britain and its allies,” the article said.

This clearly reveals the double standards followed by some Western governments as they provide terrorists in Syria with money and arms while they track them to eliminate them in Europe.

In this context, the article noted that the British authorities have arrested several of those who returned home after fighting in Syria “all for a specific offence”.

It also highlighted that “the Islamists, and in particular one group, Jabhat al-Nusra – which proclaims links with al-Qa’ida…have grown in size and influence largely due to supplies of money and arms from backers in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other states in the Gulf.”

Various media outlets recently revealed that hundreds of foreign fighters from European, regional and Arab countries have infiltrated into Syria to join the armed terrorist groups.

The latest of such reports was what The Daily Telegraph revealed on a former U.S. soldier joining terrorist groups in Syria, particularly the ranks of al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra.

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