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Terrorist Confesses to Taking Part in Acts of Abduction, Rape and Slaughter of Innocent Civilians in Homs

Feb 27, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Terrorist Hussam Ali Bakkour confessed to taking part in acts of abduction, rape and slaughter along with a terrorist group in the city of Homs, in addition to joining Al Qaeda in Iraq and partaking in its terrorist operations there.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Wednesday, Bakkour said that he was born in Teldo in Homs countryside in 1979, and that he was in Baba Amro neighborhood when he was recruited by one Mohammad al-Alou to travel with him to Iraq and join Al Qaeda.

He said that they entered Iraq illegally and joined a group of 200 gunmen from Al Qaeda in Baghdad where they participated in terrorist operations for nine days, before being told that their work was over and that they should return to Syria, so they sneak back into Syria.

Bakkour said they returned when the events in Syria were beginning, and that they went to Baba Amro where they joined gunmen there and started attacking army checkpoints, with al-Alou providing weapons which he got from Iraq.

He said that al-Alou instructed him to abduct four young women from Baba Amro, so he went to where they live along with four other gunmen and abducted them and took them to a basement near the roundabout in Baba Amro where they blindfolded them and left them there, only to return the next day and rape them.
Bakkour said that three or four days later, al-Alou told them to slit the women’s throats based on a Fatwa that permits this which he received from Iraq, so Bakkour slit the throat of one of the women while saying “Allah akbar” and his cohorts killed the other three.

He said that afterwards, they abducted 10 citizens from various areas in Homs and took them to the same basement and slit their throats in a similar manner, then they transported the bodies to a graveyard where they buried them in a mass grave after photographing them and sending the images to TV channels, specifically al-Jazeera, and the channels claimed that the army killed these people.

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