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syrian republican guards women battalion after successful operations of the s

Syrian Republican Guards Women Battalion: After successful operations of the Syrian Republican Guards’ Women Brigade’s infantry in Joubar, the Syrian Republican Guards are expanding this brigade by forming a Tank and Armor Battalion. These women left their ordinary lives and stepped up to defend their homeland, side by side with the heroes of the Syrian Armed Forces. More:

Ottoman Turkey is Everything ISIS, Nusra and all alQaeda Affiliates it Claims to be Fighting

Ottoman Turkey is everything ISIS, Nusra and all Alqaeda affiliates, claim to fight, same with Israel, but we never see them except coordinating with each other STRATEGICALLY against Islam and Muslims on all levels. We never saw any of Alqaeda affiliates targeting Turkey or Israel, we did see Turkish intelligence head plotting an attack against own soldiers to provoke a…

buying the newst aircraft and the latest defender leah training more terrorists

buying the newst aircraft and the latest defender more terrorists groups by the name of moderate rebels to fight these creatures while our great Syrian Army made them simply under the hands Such as insects …these creatures who calling #ISIS P.S it is a real photo not fabricated video Timeline Photosطيارات ومدافع وأحدث أجهزة تشويش .. وملك ورئيس مهرج…