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turkey trying to erase its criminal history especially the genocide against arme

Turkey Trying to Erase its Criminal History Especially the Genocide Against Armenians We will make sure the whole world will never forget. The country that cannot come clean with its criminal past is doomed to repeat it, and is repeating it. Had the self-proclaimed ‘International Community’ pressured Turkey to pay compensations to the victims of the crimes against humanity it…

A Picture of US Senator with ISIS Caliph is Priceless

A Picture of US Senator & ISIS Caliph, Priceless. It’s not the only occasion where the loose rabid US Senator John McCain is seen hanging around with his buddies, the recipient of US Taxpayers donations, in the following report the rabid senator is taking photos with kidnappers of Lebanese civilians near the Turkish – Syrian border checkpoint:

Janissary Erdogan, the Aleppo Thief is Written on a Sign raised on the Temporary quarters of Aleppo Chamber of Commerce

‘Janissary Erdogan, Aleppo Thief’ is written on a sign raised on the temporary quarters of Aleppo Chamber of Trade. Destroying Aleppo’s industries in particular and the Syrian crisis as a whole was the lifeline given to Turkish economy to survive and then came Iranian and Russian investments to boost that economy that was on the verge of collapsing in late…