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Janissary Erdogan, the Aleppo Thief is Written on a Sign raised on the Temporary quarters of Aleppo Chamber of Commerce

‘Janissary Erdogan, Aleppo Thief’ is written on a sign raised on the temporary quarters of Aleppo Chamber of Commerce.

Destroying Aleppo’s industries in particular and the Syrian crisis as a whole was the lifeline given to Turkish economy to survive and then came Iranian and Russian investments to boost that economy that was on the verge of collapsing in late 2011.

It’s so obvious than even a blind can’t see the coordination between the Muslim Brotherhood president of Turkey and all the terrorist groups that invaded north of Syria and those include ISIS, Alqaeda, FSA, Nusra Front, Northern Storm and all the others.

The so called Northern Storm, a branch of the FSA and affiliate of Alqaeda is seen in this report dated November 28, 2012 stealing oil drilling heavy machinery from Syria right through the border checkpoint with Turkish Customs and in broad daylight:

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