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their terror is halal and terror against them is haram as simple as that fr

Their terror is Halal and terror against them is Haram.. as simple as that. #France #CharlieHebdo #Israel #ISIS #Palestine Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh sentenced to 5 months in prisonmondoweiss.netRight to life with dignity by Mohammad Saba’aneh Oct 30, 2012 Very sad news. Mohammad Saba’aneh, the acclaimed Palestinian Cartoonist who was detained February 16th at the Allenby Bridge checkpoi…

syria no clue how did they put dr assad in north korean leaders suit althou

#Syria: No clue how did they put Dr. #Assad in North Korean leader’s suit although he insists on not wearing his military uniform, but this pic is very true of #France hypocrisy. #ISIS #CharlieHebdo Timeline Photos#Hollande’s hypocritical and repulsive moral. Where are international condemnations and condolences over the victims of terrorism which you and the West support? #Syria #Iraq #Lybia