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How ugly it is when a satire is more realistic than the reality?

How ugly it is when a satire is more realistic than the reality?

‘After all, the United States is a volatile nation that’s proven it needs little provocation to attack anyone anywhere in the world whom it perceives to be a threat.” Iranian intelligence experts also warned of the very real, and very frightening, possibility of the U.S. providing weapons and resources to a rogue third-party state such as Israel.’

Just last year the same criminal delivering a speech before his slaves againet the will of the president of a so called super power who couldn’t protect his own nation from a parasite entity living on the account of his own people, delivered a speech warning of a threat Iran posed against his illegal borderless aggressive entity, just last year this faceless murderer ‘killed more children in a year more than Iran itself killed in a whole century’ as a Palestinian activist put it. That same bloodthirsty inhumane warmonger who was totally supportive of attacking Iraq in 2003 and delivering a similar speech in 2002 falsely linking Saddam with Alqaeda and calling for a better Iraq without Saddam, marched along with his peers in Paris denouncing terror, the same Zionist criminal who challenges humanity by having photo-ops with terrorists from Jabhat Nusra receiving treatment in hospitals sponsored by him in occupied Golan Heights and Palestine.

You just need an awake people to see the obvious.,27325/

Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon
TEHRAN—Amidst mounting geopolitical tensions, Iranian officials said Wednesday they were increasingly concerned about the United States of America’s uranium-enrichment program, fearing the Western nation may soon be capable of producing its 8,500th …

even israel poodles in the us regime cannot cope up with that much of stupidity

Even Israel Poodles in the US Regime Cannot Cope Up With that Much of Stupidity:

Why Netanyahu’s speech didn’t do his American allies any favors
In a high-profile arena, he showed just how bizarre his position on the Iran negotiations is.

south africa has a serious issue with the spies of the terrorist zionist entity

South Africa has a serious issue with the spies of the terrorist Zionist entity

South Africa must expel all Israeli spies
The full implications of the latest scoop from Al Jazeera’s investigative unit are still being digested, and the story is not over quite yet. But the leaked documents published so far, culled from the recent archives of the State Security Agency (SSA), are

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