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Ottoman Turkey is Everything ISIS, Nusra and all alQaeda Affiliates it Claims to be Fighting

Ottoman Turkey is everything ISIS, Nusra and all Alqaeda affiliates, claim to fight, same with Israel, but we never see them except coordinating with each other STRATEGICALLY against Islam and Muslims on all levels. We never saw any of Alqaeda affiliates targeting Turkey or Israel, we did see Turkish intelligence head plotting an attack against own soldiers to provoke a war with Syria accusing ISIS but..?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame them for forging their coalitions as it serves them, I blame our government for having best relations with their best buddies namely Russia and Iran. Seems we will never understand the golden rule: my enemy’s friend is my enemy… and will never be a real and reliable ally.

Lots of due blame also goes to parts of our people who see only half of the truth and refuse to see the whole picture.


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