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Syria’s Al-Miqdad Slams UK, France, Turkey & Stupid Arabs

Faisal Al Miqdad

A top Syrian diplomat, usually calm and a very gentle person, finds necessity to get out of his kindness in order to deface foreign ministers of UK and France as hypocrites flaming the killing spree in Syria by the terrorists they support and smuggle into country.

Faisal al-Miqdad, Syria’s deputy foreign minister, named names and fixed the narrative western officials and their mainstream media are working hard to twist and racing time to keep the pressure on the Syrian government to obtain concessions they couldn’t thus far.

UK & France, the old colonialists of the region trying to come back as ‘new colonialists’ using a big conspiracy to force Syria change its policies towards the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Syrian role in the region.

Faisal al-Miqdad Syria's deputy foreign minister
Faisal al-Miqdad Syria’s deputy foreign minister

Syria’s Al-Miqdad speaks the truth

Mr. Miqdad accused the UN of trying to repeat the Iraqi WMDs scenario when asked to investigate the rebel’s use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo’s countryside and to cover up for the crime committed by these western backed terrorists.

UK and France’s support of so called non-lethal assistance was also addressed by Mr. Miqdad explaining to the thick heads in the west that communication devices supplied by the NATO member states to terrorists from Al-Qaeda can cause his own killing when he’s heading from his office in Damascus to his city Daraa to the south by passing the time of his trip to the Jihadists.

Turkey and ‘stupid Arabs’, referring mainly to Qatar & Saudi Arabia, acting in western interests had their share in Mr. Miqdad’s interview and a warning by him to hand over their embassies in Damascus to refugees should the ‘stupid Arabs’ hand over Syrian embassies abroad to the opposition.

The full interview with the Guardian can be found here, but beware of the deceiving language used by the newspaper which finds itself unable to get out of the box it put itself into serving a NATO plan in demonizing the Syrian state to justify another invasion or at least interference in this sovereign country.

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