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Syria’s First Lady Participateds in the ‘Mother Gathers’ Activity in Opera House in Damascus

Syria’s first lady Asmaa Assad participated today in the ‘Mother Gathers’ activity in Opera House in Damascus bringing her children, their cousins the children of Brigadier Maher Assad, and the children of Bushra Assad, president Bashar’s sister and widow of martyr general Assif Shawkat, all of which oppositions Vuvuzellas (NATO’s mainstream media) synchronously parroted they’ve ‘defected’ from president Assad, to show a strife within president Assad’s own family.
The gathering was an effort to honor the mothers of the Syrian martyrs whose sons fell defending their land and their families from the herds of Wahhabi Sex Jihadists imported by Turkey and sent by Saudi Arabia & Qatar to ‘democratize’ Syria.
The gathering starting today 16 March 2013 and include a charitable bazaar for handicraft, an art exhibition for the martyrs children among other activities to raise funds for the ‘Martyr Mother’ charitable fund. 10 martyrs’ mothers were selected on the first day whom each received 10 honorary birth certificates of 10 young male and female volunteers with the volunteers pictures, full information about them and their contact numbers in case the mother would need any help to consider them as her own children. 
Syrian based media had a large coverage of the event but of course European and Arab League officials wanting to promote free speech for Syrians have banned Syrian based media off satellite air and off the internet, leaving Syrians with social media as an alternative to keep in touch with events in their own country..!

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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    • Marcus XL

      Do altruistic leaders torture children? Asad does this. He also fires cluster bombs at his own cities, shells civilians, murders protesters in the street and in secret prisons. How can you not be aware of this? Are you ignorant, or are you evil?

  1. Marcus XL

    What about the families of the children her husband Bashar has murdered? Will she visit Hamza al-Khatib's family? No, she would not dare. She also has blood on her hands. Run away back to Britain, Mrs. Asad, if they will even take you.Killers. Fascists. Traitors to their own people!Freedom for Syria! Death to Lies! Down with the criminal Asad regime!

  2. Arabi Souri

    I had to follow your comments on several posts finding you parroting Al Jazeera & FoxNews without any evidence, I'm not going to delete your comments Marcus XL, because we respect freedom of speech unlike how we are blocked in all western media and to the extent taking Syrian media off satellite broadcasting by a decision from EU & Arab League.. But for your info: Hamza Khatib was an adult at 16 y/o paid to go and protest in front of a military housing compound to be killed by the 'peaceful protesters' from Al Nusra Front from his behind to make stupid people like you buy his story being an icon.. Same goes for thousands of similar lies like Zainab Hosni who they even showed a mannequin they burnt and even buried and the girl appeared on Syrian tv after days of stupid people like you buying this BS lie.. Same goes for just yesterday Al Arabiya claiming that Assad's adviser Boutheina Shaaban defected because she was on an external mission to see her on the same day in the evening delivering a message from president Assad to South African president.. The problem is not them lying, the problem is stupid people like you Marcus XL buying these lies and parroting it.

  3. Arabi Souri

    The article in French: La Première Dame de la Syrie participe a une rassemblement de mereAujourd'hui première dame de la Syrie, Asmaa Assad a participé à une “rassemblement de mere” a l'Opéra de Damas avec ses enfants, et leurs cousines les enfants du brigadier Maher Assad, et les enfants de Bushra Assad (Bushra est le soeur du Bashar Assad et la veuve du martyr général Assif Shawkat). Les médias d'opposition (et du NATO) a menti ils ont dit que ces familles ont «déserté» président Assad impliquent qu'il ya des conflits dans la famille du Assad. Le rassemblement a été un effort pour honorer les mères des martyrs syriens dont les fils ont tombé en défendant leurs terres et leurs familles contre les troupeaux de djihadistes-sexes wahhabites importés par la Turquie et envoyé par l'Arabie saoudite et le Qatar pour «démocratiser» la Syrie.Le rassemblement a commencé aujourd'hui 16 Mars 2013 et dont le bazar de bienfaisance pour l'artisanat, une exposition d'art pour les enfants des martyrs parmi d'autres activités pour recueillir des fonds pour «mère d'un martyr» (fonds de bienfaisance). 10 mères de martyrs ont été choisis sur le au premier jour et chacune et chaque a reçu 10 certificats de naissance de 10 jeunes volontaires masculins et féminins avec les photos des volontaires, des informations completes sur eux, et leurs numéro de contact, parse qui au cas ou elles ont besoin d'aide elles peuvent communiquer avec eux comme s'ils étaient ses enfants… mais les médias en Syrie ont diffusé l'événement, mais les politiciens ligue européens et arabes qui font la promotion de «liberté d'expression» en Syrie ont interdit canaux syriens dans leurs pays. Maintenant l'Internet est le seul moyen que les Syriens peuvent rester en contact avec la Syrie.Cette information a été publiée par de véritables activistes syriens en Syrie et de l'étranger, et non par les activistes payées par l'ouest.


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