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Syria’s First Lady Participateds in the ‘Mother Gathers’ Activity in Opera House in Damascus

Syria’s first lady Asmaa Assad participated today in the ‘Mother Gathers’ activity in Opera House in Damascus bringing her children, their cousins the children of Brigadier Maher Assad, and the children of Bushra Assad, president Bashar’s sister and widow of martyr general Assif Shawkat, all of which oppositions Vuvuzellas (NATO’s mainstream media) synchronously parroted they’ve ‘defected’ from president Assad, to show a strife within president Assad’s own family.
The gathering was an effort to honor the mothers of the Syrian martyrs whose sons fell defending their land and their families from the herds of Wahhabi Sex Jihadists imported by Turkey and sent by Saudi Arabia & Qatar to ‘democratize’ Syria.
The gathering starting today 16 March 2013 and include a charitable bazaar for handicraft, an art exhibition for the martyrs children among other activities to raise funds for the ‘Martyr Mother’ charitable fund. 10 martyrs’ mothers were selected on the first day whom each received 10 honorary birth certificates of 10 young male and female volunteers with the volunteers pictures, full information about them and their contact numbers in case the mother would need any help to consider them as her own children. 
Syrian based media had a large coverage of the event but of course European and Arab League officials wanting to promote free speech for Syrians have banned Syrian based media off satellite air and off the internet, leaving Syrians with social media as an alternative to keep in touch with events in their own country..!

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.