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CIA is Collecting Information about the Islamist Extremists in Syria Planning Drone Attacks

Los Angeles Times Newspaper has mentioned that “The Central Intelligence Agency “CIA” is gathering information about the Islamic extremists in Syria for the possibility to strike them by pilot-less drones at later stage.

The newspaper quoted of American officials that “the US President Barak Obama will not allow to strike Syrian and it is not on the table”.

CIA is managing the programs of pilot-less drones, which target activists in Pakistan and Yamane, as it has made changes in the ranks of the official officers about heading strikes to improve the operations of gathering information about the extremists in Syria. .

Los Angeles Times Newspaper continues that “the agency is working closely with Saudi and Jordanian intelligences, in addition to other intelligences in the activist area in Syria”.

The newspaper has declared that these preparations coincide with the increment of the victories of the Islamic extremists in Syria, as US Foreign Ministry thinks that al-Nusra Front is one of the most violent armed groups, where it cannot be distinguished from al-Qaeda organization in Iraq.

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  1. Mark D'Viglio

    One the one hand we are told the so called "rebels" are activist, and moderate, and comically, "democratic"…in terms of violent Wahabi fundamentalists jihadi militants, I don't know what that word means….activists is my we will increase our support for these "activists", and the CIA gets more targets for the drone program


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