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Syrian Journalist Hassan Ali Badran Killed by AlGhouta Terrorists


Another brave voice from Syria has been silenced. On 8 March the young and handsome member of the press, Hassan Ali Badran was martyred in AlGhouta. Badran was with the military to report and cover the truth directly from the battlefield. His camera was his weapon. His bravery, awesome eyes and pure smile captured the hearts of his friends and colleagues.

image-alghouta terrorists kill Syrian journalist Hassan Ali Badran
Martyr Syrian Journalist Hassan Ali Badran


The title press was supposed to protect him from being a target. The terrorists, however, do not submit to any rules of war. Last summer, Khaled AlKhateeb, reporting for RT, was martyred by the terrorists. Last summer, journalist Muhammed Salman Naser was martyred by terrorists.

Hassan worked for the medium of the National Defense Forces, the volunteer militia that functions as ancillary to the Syrian Arab Army.

He was known for his patriotism — his love for country, army, and his people.

In November 2017, Hassan lost his father, a brave Syrian Arab Army officer. Known as the lion of the special forces, Brigadier General Ali Badran was killed while defending Harasta against the terrorists, in a military campaign to break the siege on the Vehicles Management Base (in the town Harsat town of Eastern Ghouta).

Hassan leans over the coffin of his father, Brig. Gen. Ali Badran, martyred in Harasta.

Now, both father and son are martyrs.

The West continues to dream of toppling Damascus. The West’s terrorists in AlGhouta continue to fire mortars and missiles into civilian neighborhoods of Damascus. The murderous dream continues as our army liberates more neighborhoods from AlGhouta terrorists. This has given real Syrians hope and they are raising their voices loudly. The day after the terrorists lied about a chlorine attack against Hamoryah, civilians there raised the Syrian flag in the main square. The spokesman for the terrorists then admitted there was no chlorine attack, but western media didn’t mention it.

The daily bombings of Damascus prove that weapons are being sent to the terrorists. Saudis brag they send ”humanitarian aid,” but it is weapons. The terrorists are also targeting families trying to flee AlGhouta by using the humanitarian corridor to reach our army at the Al Wafideen camp (a new report says 13 terrorists and their families surrendered there).

Hassan was buried today, 9 March.



RIP our blessed martyrs and may God protect our people from those NATO western and Arab Gulfies-backed terrorists.

— Afraa Dagher

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