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Syrian Government and Syrian Kurds about to foil NATO´s Greater Middle East Project.

Syrian Government and Syrian Kurds about to foil NATO´s Greater Middle East Project.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) Syrian TV reports that the Syrian Prime Minister Wael Al Halaki and representatives of the Syrian Kurds National Initiative have met to analyze the political program to end the conflict in Syria. Both the Kurds of Syria and the government agree that the crisis only can be resolved by dialog. During the summer of 2012 NATO made several attempts to play the Kurdistan Card in the attempt to balkanize Syria first, and Turkey afterward.

Al-Halaki nsnbc archives

P.M. Al-Halaki

The Syrian government and more than 200 representatives of Syria´s political, religious, ethnic, as well as special interest organizations had over the last months held several meetings in Syria as well as in Iran. The consultations resulted in a comprehensive plan for ending the violence, for national reconciliation and for working toward inclusive national reforms. During the meeting in Damascus, Al Halaki assured Omar Osi and other Kurd representatives, that Kurds are a fundamental  component of Syria´s national life.
P.M. Al Halaki is the Chairman of the Ministerial Commission in charge of implementing the peace initiative. Al Halaki explained, that the meeting was part of the preparatory phase of the national dialog and reconciliation program. Al Halaki stressed, that the Syrian authorities have called upon all political and social forces, regardless whether they support the government or not, and who reject foreign interference, to take part in reaching a consensus.
Omar Osi stressed the importance of the meeting and endorsed the facilities the Syrian government had  provided to all national stakeholders, including the Kurds. Osi stressed that the Kurds National Initiative supports the program and the Kurds eagerness to reach a political conclusion to the crisis, leading to reconciliation. Omar Osi emphasized that the Syrian Kurds favor a national stance par excellence, and that the Kurds, whom some foreign players had counted on as a weak flank has turned out to be a strong Syrian bastion in the North.


Plottings by Maj. Agha H Amin

The successful conclusion of the meeting between Omar Osi and Al Halaki are one more blow to NATO and the Freedom and Justice Party government of Turkey´s P.M. R. Tayyip Erdogan. R. Tayyip Erdogan has, according to Chairman Dr. Perencek and other leading members of the Workers´ Party – Turkey been groomed for years to carry out the Greater Middle East Project.
The project was developed by the RAND Corporation for the US Department of Defense in 1996. The renown Pakistani security and energy security consultant Major Agha H Amin stated in a recent interview with the scribe, that both the USA, the Erdogan administration and Israel attempted to set up a Kurdish state by first balkanizing Syria, and then Turkey, as part of an US plan to create a NATO corridor from Turkey to India, along what Maj. Amin called the soft, oil-rich belly of Russia and China.

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