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Syrian Electronic Army Hacks The Arab League Website

SEA Hacks AL Website
SEA Hacks AL Website
SEA Hacks Arab League Website

SEA, The Syrian Electronic Army, a group of patriotic Syrian activists online, hacked into the Arab League website the moment the Qatar controlled league handed Syria’s seat to the Qatari manufactured opposition and left them the following message message:

‘Bashar Al Assad
President of the Syrian Arab Republic

To the Arabic League chief
the international judge

After you accepted for yourself to crown your subservience to the gas sheikhdom of Qatarael (Qatar & Israel) today in handing over the seat of the Syrian Arab Republic, the founding state to what used to be known as The Arab League which has lost its Arabic feature the day the Syrian delegation participation was suspended and completed its Hebrew feature today with handing the seat to the illegal freak called ‘Coalition’ which was the fruit of the Qatarael & Zionist sexual intercourse…

We, the Syrian people would like to congratulate you and your league, the joining of another Zionist enemy representative (Our enemy and your master), and we conclude our message which we won’t change and the terror you support and finance will not make us change nor will the media you mislead nor the political prostitute you practice will ever make us change:

I am a Syrian citizen and only Bashar Al Assad is my leader, and only the Syrian Arab Army represents me.

A Promise to you and to your masters from the Syrian people: You will not pass (through).’

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