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Syrian Civilians Form Human Shield Against US-led Attack

Syrian Civilians form Human shield against US-led attack (Source: Press TV)

Syrians in Damascus form Human Shield against potential US strike on Syria.

Some Syrian citizens from the capital Damascus have formed a human shield in order to prevent a US-led foreign attack on their home country. The group of people in Damascus, forming this human shield against a possible US-led strike on their home, includes Syrian artists, athletes and youths.

The Syrian civilians, among are several artists and sportsmen, are campaigning in the capital of the Arab country to support the protection of their homeland against a possible foreign military strike by US-led forces.

The human shield, formed by Syrian citizens from Damascus, is a really good idea, however, it won’t prevent any military strike by US-led forces in case the US Congress approves the war planes of the Obama administration and the UNSC (UN Security Council) also approves such a resolution for a war of aggression against Syria. It is already known, for example, as the events in and around Libya in 2011 have again shown it, that several Western powers do not care about some lives of civilians when they try to implement their partly violent agendas in foreign countries or to remove a government in another state.

The organizers behind this human shield campaign by Syrian youths, artists and sportsmen say that they have even received calls from the entire world asking for the permission to join this special movement in the Syrian capital Damascus to prevent a possible US-led military attack on Syria. This is understandable.

Not all follow the propaganda of Western mass media in regards of the Syrian conflict and crisis. Thus, there are people, anti-war campaigner and political analysts who certainly know the truth about the situation in Syria that is partly concealed by the propaganda in Western media.

Not to mention that there are citizens from all over the world who certainly know that their governments such as the administrations in France, Britain and the United States have lost their last honesty and morality with the support of terrorists, jihadists, and other violent human resources in their fight against the secular government of Syria and the sectarian rage of these horrible creatures against the religious minorities in the Arab country.

As mentioned, although this movement and the idea of a human shield for the protection of their homeland against a possible US-led military strike is a good idea and also shows that these Syrian youths, artists and athletes have more love for Syria than the external “Syrian opposition” that calls for a US-led bombardment of the Arab country, will certainly not be able to prevent a military strike because the backers, war profiteers and supporters of the war against Syria do not care about some random humans that might be killed when they are able to reach their violent goals.

Civilians from all parts of the Syrian society have already joined this human shield campaign in the capital, Damascus. There are also some information that several foreigners have already joined this human shield campaign in Syria. All that the participators in this movement want is the safety and protection of their home country. That cannot be demanded too much, can it?

Syrian Civilians form Human shield against US-led attack (Source: Press TV)
Syrian Civilians form Human shield against US-led attack (Source: Press TV)

The campaign has the title “Over our Dead Bodies” and yes, the title is a bit macabre but probably appropriate, sadly. At least, they are doing something and try to protect their home land. As mentioned, instead of demanding the bombardment of their home like the so-called “Syrian opposition” abroad, they try to protect their home country against a potential foreign military attack on Syria.

The campaign “Over our Dead Bodies” started in the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday. This campaign of a “human shield against a war on Syria by US-led forces” called “Over our Dead Bodies” is probably the first series of such campaigns in Syria in order to protect the country against a war of aggression by Washington that is based on empty phrases and fabricated evidence.

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    • TSIOD


      I am from the USA, and though my thoughts mean nothing to you at this point, I KNOW that OBAMA is the true terrorist in the Middle Eastern World ESPECIALLY in Syria. I wish the American people weren’t so weak as to allow our war hungry government of the USA to destroy your homelands in a war fueled by hidden agenda. My heart is truly burdened by these events that the Syrian people will unfortunately have to face. I do NOT believe Assad used chemical weapons and I do NOT believe in US intervention in the Mid-East on any measure.
      I PRAY THAT OUR HEAVENLY FATHER WILL WATCH OVER YOU PEOPLE AND THAT OUR GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA WILL FINALLY GET WHATS COMING TO THEM. I just wish the true American citizens weren’t going to be caught in the crossfire but perhaps America needs a taste of the our Government has done to others for decades.


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