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Syrian Army Eliminates 150 Terrorists in Idlib

The units of Syrian Arab Army carried out several military operation against the militias of Free Army in several towns of Edlib countryside, killing more than 150 militants, where the forces were able to take control over the strategic road that connects Salamia town with Aleppo city through the towns of Athria and al-Sfeira.

A unit from the Syrian Army destroyed a building that was transformed by al-Nusra Front to a store for ammo and arms in Armala town of Western Jeser al-Shughour countryside, causing heavy explosions and the death of 33 members in al-Nusra Front, where dozens others were wounded, including the leader Omar al-Khattab.

Our correspondent in Edlib said that the Syrian Army hit a position for the militants in al-Nairab town of Edlib countryside, causing the death of 16 gunmen and the destruction of a mortar cannon.

He pointed out that the killed insurgents included Mahmoud al-Omar, where the Syrian Army targeted two armed groups, riding motorbikes, at the outskirts of Nahla and Ma’ali towns of Areeha countryside, causing the death of 19 armed men and the injury of others.

The Syrian Army forces also hit a location for a leader of the armed militias inside “Maqlaa” in between Nakhla and Mashmashan towns of Jeser al-Shughour countryside, killing about 50 insurgents and destroying many cars near the location.

Our reporter also said that the artillery bombed many positions for militants in al-Qania, al-Taibat and Bzeit of Jeser al-Shughour countryside and Ard al-Sabouna location in western Sarmeen city, killing about 40 gunmen and destroying their vehicles.
The army’s operations continued in Saraqeb city in western Skafati Souk, where a spot for al-Nusra Front was hit, killing more than 14 of its members and destroying their heavy vehicles.

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  1. Sasha Anakijev

    Bravo to heroic Syrian Army.. May God give you power and blessings to defend the homeland from the filth hired by Zionists! .. Syria victory is yours, there was never a doubt! With Love and blessings Victory is yours!


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