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al-Moallem & Salehi Stress Need for Political Solution to Crisis in Syria

Mar 02, 2013

TEHRAN, (SANA)_Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid Al-Moallem stressed that the Syrians will not tolerate impingement on the national sovereignty or accept dictates as they cling to political independence and reject violence and foreign interference.

During a press conference held in Tehran with his Iranian counterpart Ali Akbar Salehi, al-Moallem said ”The Syrian Arab army is performing its national role in defending Syrian citizens and their properties according to the Constitution and law,” , adding ”We will push ahead with combating terrorism.”
”We believe that our people are to decide their own future and leadership through the ballot box,” he stressed.

“We, in Syria, are facing a crisis in which the whole world is taking part, but Syria is steadfast thanks to the steadfastness of our people, the resolve of its leadership and the support of friends,” al-Moallem said.

Al-Moallem , ”We offer the necessary assurances to all who want to take part in dialogue inside or outside the country…the dialogue train was put on the tracks, for we believe that the solution to the crisis is political.”

“Every time the train of dialogue moves on, violence on the ground escalates….Violence has to stop for the political dialogue to succeed, and to end violence, its sources must be dried up, ” he added.

Al-Moallem said that the joint efforts to end violence start with putting pressure on Turkey, Qatar and others who are backing terrorism and arming terrorist groups who are shedding the Syrians’ blood and destroying their infrastructure.
Al-Moallem called on the Syrians to come to dialogue, adding ”We say to all Syrians: Enough with bloodshed…Let’s join hands in building Syria,” al-Moallem added.
He indicated that President Bashar al-Assad had announced a political program for solving the crisis and a committee was set up for its implementation, noting that “22 meetings with the political parties inside were held and the legal procedures were undertaken, not to mention the needed assurances for those willing to take part in dialogue.”

”We are open to political solution, but he who wants it should not punish the Syrian people. Washington can stop bloodshed if it wanted a solution, and we find it strange that the emir of Qatar complained that the UN Security Council did not strike Syria.”

”We won’t accept to be mere pawns…The Syrians can solve their crisis…We are looking forward to building modern Syria,” he added.
Al-Moallem assured that the Russian stand on Syria remains unchanged as it is based on the international law and the UN charter, especially rejecting foreign interference and the use of force to promote political agendas.

”The friends in Russia are exerting efforts in the international arena to reach a political solution to the crisis in Syria,” al-Moallem said.
The Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi considered that the calls voiced by some non-Syrians on the Syrian government to step down as “interference in the Syrian affairs,” adding that no one has the right to decide on behalf of the Syrian people.

He pointed out that one of the causes for the spread of the crisis in Syria is others’ support to the armed men, most of them are foreign mercenaries committing crimes in Syria, asserting that the solution to the crisis is not military, but rather through dialogue among the Syrians.

Salehi indicated that the Syrian government has declared readiness for dialogue, holding those who are hindering dialogue responsible for bloodshed in Syria.
Salehi added that those who insist to take up arms are responsible for bloodshed and crimes in Syria, calling on the influential countries to work together to halt violence in Syria and put their differences aside. ”Double standards contributed to prolonging the Syrian crisis, ”Salehi said.

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