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ANNA Footage from Syrian Army Tank Patrolling Streets of Destroyed Darayya

Darayya, a Damascus suburb, has become, over the last several months, a hotbed for many hardline Islamist groups, such as al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra, which turned the town into a launchpad for terror attacks, with huge tunnels dug in the ground to facilitate the smuggling of terrorists and weaponry as well as major buildings and facilities that were utilized as hideouts for snipers.

The battles that have been going on in Darayya have led to the death and fleeing of most terrorists. This video footage from News ANNA (Abkhazian Network News Agency) from Feb 27, 2013 shows – through a camera lens mounted on a Syrian Army tank – what the town has become, a place of desolation and destruction. Not a single building has been left intact. The video shows some Syrian Army soldiers preparing for clashes with remaining terrorists.

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