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Syrian Army Eliminates 11 al Qaeda Terrorists in Aleppo Province

Syrian Army Eliminates 11 al Qaeda Terrorists in Aleppo Countryside

Syrian Arab Army units protecting the towns in western Aleppo countryside repelled a large-scale attack waged by terrorists of the NATO-sponsored al Qaeda killing 11 of the attackers and injuring dozens of others.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense said in a post published on its website and conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

Units of our armed forces repelled a major terrorist attack yesterday evening launched by a terrorist group of “Al-Nusra Front” (al Qaeda Levant) on our positions in the Kafr Amma area, east of Al-Atareb in the western countryside of Aleppo, taking advantage of breakfast time (the fast-breaking in the holy month of Ramadan).

The statement added that “heavy losses in personnel and equipment were inflicted on the attacking terrorists, eleven of the attackers were eliminated including foreign nationals, and a large number of them were wounded, five bodies of the eliminated terrorists were pulled out, and their weapons and equipment were seized.”

The video is also on Rumble and BitChute.

Syrian Army Eliminates 11 al Qaeda Terrorists in Aleppo Countryside
NATO ‘foreign legion’ proxy army of terrorists

The attack yesterday evening coincided with the US, Turkey, and Israel’s continuous war crimes against the Syrian people, especially in the northern region.

This is the second such terrorist attack foiled by the Syrian Arab Army in northern Syria after President Bashar al-Assad rejected from Moscow the request to meet the embattled Turkish madman Erdogan to help him win the upcoming presidential elections in Turkey in May.

President Assad explained on Russian media that there is no need for such a meeting while Turkey refuses to commit to withdrawing its troops from the Turkish Army and al Qaeda terrorists occupying large parts of northern Syria.

The Turkish madman Erdogan, whose forces are also cutting the drinking water for over 2 million Syrians in Hasakah province during the holy month of Ramadan, unleashed his terrorists on the Syrian people who are still suffering from the devastating earthquake of the 6th of last month, February.

The elimination of scores of al Qaeda terrorists in the recent foiled attacks delivers an additional blow to the US position in Syria and in the region as a whole.

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  1. Roy

    I have or had friends like this who let themselves be used by others to fulfill others wet dreams; of course they don’t use guns and bombs; just slimy CIA, Mafia, Mossad, FBI and whatever else, even one of our largest healthcare insurance providers Blue Cross, in all its forms is a wholly owned subsidiary of the mob, and our doctors kill on demand if ordered to do so. Their minds are so twisted they don’t even know who they are anymore; and rest assured that’s Washington D.C. all programmed to kill their own citizens. Very sad; like having to put down a beloved pet, because it went insane with all the hate that rules the USA.


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