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Syrian Army Bombs ISIS Dens Avenging the Killing of the Policemen in Daraa

US-sponsored ISIS-affiliated terrorists training in southern Syria - file photo

Syrian Air Force destroyed dens used by an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group in Daraa countryside avenging the assassination of four policemen on Sunday early morning.

Local sources reported that late last night, Monday 26th of June, the Syrian Arab Army’s air force bombed quarters and weapons depots of a US-sponsored ISIS-affiliated terrorist group calling itself the ‘Al-Sabihi Group’ in the farmlands on the outskirts of Dael, Atman, and Al Yadudah towns in Daraa countryside.

As a result of the bombing, several ISIS-affiliated terrorists were eliminated, their dens were totally destroyed, and the injured fled toward the illegal US military base in the Al Tanf area, in the furthest southeastern Syrian open desert at the border junction with Jordan and Iraq.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

The location of the dens of the terrorists was identified by the Syrian security with the help of the locals who were horrified by the early Sunday massacre of the 4 Syrian policemen who were tasked to guard the school where Daraa students would be taking their high school exams.

At around 7:30 am on Sunday, a Syrian police car was ambushed by armed terrorists near the town of Al-Muzayrib in the western countryside of Daraa, the terrorists opened their heavy machine guns fire on the police patrol killing four policemen and injuring a fifth.

Syrian analysts are commenting that this air raid by the Syrian Air Force comes after a period in which the Russian Reconciliation Center in Daraa was calling on restricting any Syrian fighter jets movement in the southern region out of fear it would threaten the state of peaceful lives of the anti-Jewish Zionist settlers illegally occupying the Syrian Golan and would bother the US Army in their illegal base in the Syrian Al Tanf region.

Whether the air raids were coordinated with the Russian Reconciliation Center in Daraa or the Syrian Air Force is feeling it is not obliged by the limitations to its movement within Syrian air space called upon by the Russian center is yet to be known.

Upon their defeat at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army in September 2021, remnants of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists fled their last stronghold in Daraa Balad, the city of Daraa, and headed to the illegal US Army base in Al Tanf for protection, funding, arming, training, and commanding their continuous terrorist attacks against the Syrian people in the southern Syrian provinces of Daraa, Sweida, Quneitra, and Damascus Countryside.

Arabi Souri contributed to the post.

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