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Syrian and Russian Armies Bomb NATO Forces in Idlib and Hama

Syrian and Russian armies bomb NATO Al Qaeda HTS in Idlib and Hama

Syrian Arab Army units in southern Idlib and the Russian Air Forces of Hmeimim air base carried out a series of pinpointed bombings against the dens of NATO proxy forces in Idlib countryside, reports of a large number of terrorists eliminated in the bombing that started late yesterday evening.

The artillery units of the Syrian Arab Army in the southern Idlib countryside and northern Hama countryside bombed the dens of the Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists on the Afis – Magharat Alya and Majdaliya to the east of the city of Idlib and on the outskirts of the Al Ankawi town in the Al Ghab Plains in Hama western countryside.

Simultaneously, the Russian air forces in the Hmeimim air base carried out at least 6 sorties targeting the dens of the NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda (aka HTS aka Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant) on the outskirts of Idlib City.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

Local sources confirmed the killing of at least 10 of the NATO proxy Al Qaeda terrorists in the coordinated bombing by the Syrian and Russian Armies and significant damage in the targeted Al Qaeda quarters and in their vehicles.

NATO propagandists claimed that the Russian air force bombing alone eliminated 8 of the HTS (Al Qaeda Levant) terrorists in a ‘military’ quarter on the outskirts of Idlib.

The local sources in the region reported a state of chaos and anger among the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists especially the failure of their Turkish sponsor to protect them.

Instead of dismantling and withdrawing its forces in Idlib and in northern Syria as stipulated in the Idlib Agreement signed on September 17, 2018, by Erdogan himself in the presence of the presidents of Russia and Iran whose countries acted as guarantors to the agreement, the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan has beefed up the numbers and weapons of both the Turkish Army and Al Qaeda terrorists in the regions occupied by the forces of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance in northern Syria.

The Idlib Agreement has excluded the NATO-sponsored terrorist organizations in northern Syria from the ceasefire and the Syrian Arab Army and its allies have the right to target those terrorists at any time, yet, since then, the Syrian Army and its allies only retaliate to the attacks carried out by those terrorists.

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