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Syrian Air Defense Shoots Down a Drone South of Damascus

Pantsir missile system - Syrian Arab Army SAA air defence - Archive photo

The Syrian Air Defense shot down a drone over the town of Aqraba in the southern countryside of Damascus before it reached its target.

SAA Air Defense spotted the drone heading to the town which is also not far from the Damascus International Airport Highway and shot it down, Aqraba is the town in which 2 members of the Hezb Allah Lebanese Resistance group were killed late last month by a Netanyahu drone.

Syrian News Agency SANA quoted Syrian TV reporter: ‘Reports of destroying a drone over Aqraba in Damascus Countryside.’ The news was tweeted at 8:30 pm Damascus local time.

Late last month Netanyahu forces flew a suicide drone over the same town and crashed it into a residence where Hezb Allah fighters rest. The operation which Netanyahu instantly took credit for resulted in the killing of 2 members of the Lebanese Resistance movement and led to the Hezb’s retaliation by a spectacular military operation in which the rules of engagement set since the 2006 Israeli aggression on Lebanon Netanyahu forces wanted to alter to their favor fired back severely.

Israeli embattled Prime Minister Netanyahu was desperate to win in the elections, already held on 17th and he lost for the second consecutive time the majority he enjoyed for the past 15 years. In case he fails to form a government under his command he will be facing prison terms over a number of corruption cases. Yes, the Israeli officials use the political cover for their crimes over their own people so one can imagine their evil nature against the real Semite people of the Levant.

This latest breach comes when the hypocrite western politicians are condemning the Yemeni National Armed Forces for retaliating against the Saudi 4.5 years of massacres against them using drones that halved the capability of Saudi’s oil output. Condemning attacks using drones against Saudi facilities and turning a blind eye, if not supporting the attacks using similar drones against Syria.

This story is developing and we’ll update the post if there are any new reports in this regard.

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