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Syria Warns UN of Impending Fabricated Chemical Attack

OPCW continues corruption

On Monday 27 January, Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry dispatched a diplomatic letter to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres and to the head of the Security Council, reporting that another fabricated chemical attack is planned in the Idlib-Aleppo area, under the direction of Turkey.

From SANA:

…the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that it has become known to everyone that whenever terrorist groups feel cornered, the “White Helmets” terrorist group begins staging fake chemical attacks upon the instructions of their masters in Western states in order to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons and create a pretext for a military attack on Syria led by Washington and its allies.

Given that NATO stenography media neglected to report on OPCW investigator Ian Henderson’s address to the Arria-Formula UN process, stating there was no chemical attack in Douma, we do not anticipate any reporting on this diplomatic note.

Mr. Henderson was “the inspection team leader who developed and launched the inspections, the highly intrusive inspections of the Barzeh facility just outside Damascus. I did the inspections and wrote the report for the two inspections prior to and the inspection after the (chemical facility) or the laboratory complex at Barzeh had been destroyed by the missile strike.” 

As the text of the urgent letter to the rabid hyena mob controlling the UN is not available, the author provides the link, here, to the SANA report, and will provide a refresher course on chemical weapons threats, hoaxes, and attacks by terrorists against Syria.

Syria’s diplomat H.E. Bashar al Jaafari also gave a statement at the Arria Formula process hosted by the Russian Mission to the United Nations, 20 January. Dr. Jaafari noted that the story of chemical weapons in Syria began long before the Douma fabrications. They occurred in December 2012, when two videos of fatal rabbit experiments, performed in Turkey, were uploaded to YouTube, with threats to deploy the chemicals against Syrian.

5 December 2012
21 December 2012

The western world did not hear of these chilling threats, because the UN ignored Syria’s request for an investigation. The world also did not hear of the chemical attack [weapons grade chlorine, as survivors reported on being overwhelmed by this unmistakable odor] in Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013, in which 25 persons were murdered, including 19 soldiers in the Syrian Arab Army.

The Syrian Arab Republic reiterates its stern condemnation of any use of chemical weapons by anyone, under any circumstances, and any place . — Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, in diplomatic letter to the UN, and SG.

The western world did not hear of the murderous chemical attack in Khan al Asal, nor did it hear that Syria immediately requested an investigation. The request was sabotaged by France and Britain — and then, emphatically, by Israel.

All of the western world heard of sarin, though. The entire planet heard of it, as surely did the Moon and Mars, also. On 23 April, forty-three days after Syria asked for an investigation into the 19 March chemical attack which massacred Syrian soldiers, Israeli Brig. Gen (Ret.) Itai Bruin announced to the solar system that Syria used sarin against the ‘rebels,’ on that date, and the media repeated it, over and over, like that Gobbels Big Lie (NYT’s Sanger, after writing his missive in full support of the Gobbels Big Lie, shamelessly complained to CNN’s Amanpour that Bruin offered nothing in the way of evidence.).

Such war criminal propaganda has been simplified with the appearance of those stethoscope-less, spinal precautions, CPR, and bagging incompetent fraud responding White Helmets.

white helmets terror al-qaeda
The stethoscope is the most important tool in emergency care. Deep state MSM has not noticed the death squad Helmets do not have even one to share.

The White Helmets were a creation of British intelligence, funded by the UK’s Foreign Office and the US’s CIA, to function as the public relations marketing campaign to manipulate the masses into supporting the destruction of sovereign nations. That this is their purpose, is also the reason that no ‘liberal,’ ‘conservative,’ nor ‘neutral’ media have ever noticed this gang does not have first response equipment, nor has any of its members been trained in the rudiments of ‘first response.’ The Goebbels Big Lie related to the “Nusra Helmets” also includes the scam that they are neutral and unarmed.

Who had heard of the White Helmets before the Hollywood 5th column gave them an Oscar, in February 2017? Even having a statue bestowed upon them still fell far short of the marketing that occurred on 4 April of that year.

At 0638, CNN broke the Goebbels Big Lie of Syria launching a chemical attack, on Khan Sheikhoun, which is in Syria. That day overflowed with interviews of Shajal Islam, live and on those running loops. Nobody questioned his remarkably good internet, despite being so besieged, nor how he managed to continue giving interviews, and put out appeals for money, while caring for the millions of afflicted Syrians, reputedly pouring in to his hospital, throughout the day.

Was it not odd, that not a single medium discovered that Islam is illegal in Syria, which means he is not permitted to practice medicine? Was it not even odder that not a single medium discovered his medical license was permanently revoked in his native UK because he had been indicted on terrorism charges? Or even that his ‘charity’ was under investigation?

Possibly most telling that all MSM is aligned with Gobbels in the propagation of war crimes, is that nobody noticed that Trump bombed Syria for al Qaeda, based on interviews with a Brit illegal, undoctor marketed by ”fake news! CNN.”

Undoctor Islam’s background was erased from knowledge. Other important preludes were also missing from the news. During the last week of March 2017, terrorists kidnapped 250 civilians from Majal and Khattab. This was the pool for the massacre in Khan Sheikhoun, though it was mostly children murdered with the fast-acting poison whose efficacy is seen in the second rabbit experiment, murdered live, for the camera.

Look at this baby; his painful agonal breathing was shown to the world, by the Helmets, on 4 April. He was murdered with that same poison that the UN refused to investigate, in December 2012. The multi-million dollar stenographers avert their eyes, count their pieces of silver, and then rage for censorship of those who dare to condemn these atrocities.

Idlib terrorists
Remember this child? Stripped naked, pummeled with a power hose, poisoned in snuff porn propaganda?

What type of moral degenerate murders children for the camera? What type of moral degenerate pimps it as news?

What type of pedonecrophiliac plays with corpses of massacred kids, whose deaths were torturous, by using computer-generated imagery to affix cheerful caps to their genitalia?

white-helmets terror chemical attack false flag
Criminal snuff porn, courtesy of the White Helmets.

This was one of the photos Nikki Haley held up at the UN. Though the pedonecrophiliac degeneracy was cropped out, it is likely that she, Trump, Ivanka, the Pentagon, CNN, NYT, et al. saw the original.

Beyond depraved.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has presented a diplomatic letter to the UN, and its Secretary-General, demanding le dénouement of the impending chemical fabrication, all of the terrorists’ crimes against Syrians, ”including their use of chemical weapons.” The letter also demanded the UN support of Syria’s legitimate war on terrorists in Syria. Given that the SG has not condemned the sabotage of the undersea pipelines at the Bayinas Marine Terminal, and given that the SG did not condemn the UK’s pirating of the Iranian oil tanker suspected of being en route to Syria, it is not promising.

It is further less likely, given that in May 2017, the SG haughtily presented the criminal status update of OPCW’s fake investigation in Khan Sheikhoun, to the Security Council, with a cover letter that contained the serious lie that the FFM was “in the Syrian Arab Republic regarding a reported incident in Khan Shaykhun on 4 April 2017.”

Guterres intro letter said the report came from the Syrian Arab Republic, though OPCW stated too dangerous for investigators to enter Khan Sheikhoun.

Surely he knew that the status update reported that Khan Sheikhoun was just too, too, too dangerous, with all those terrorists, for OPCW investigators to enter, investigators who did not trust Qatar’s offer to keep them safe (likely remembering Qatar’s fake protection in al Rashidin, 15 April 2017, in which upwards of 130 people were slaughtered). The extent of the fake investigation by the team was to say they trusted the White Helmets members who gave them the fake evidence.

Collecting GB (“sarin”) samples in sandals & paper mask (GB is both pneumonic & transdermal) to present to the OPCW investigators in Turkey.

Of the last several weeks, terrorists have targeted several Aleppo neighborhoods, bombing apartment buildings with NATO-provided ground-to-ground weapons. There have been no reports from NATO stenographer journalists.

The savages are in their last throes of carnage knowledge. They are cornered rats, the most dangerous type of rodents, with no more green buses to enter. The White Helmet meth freak in fried brain meltdown is cornered.

Syria announced the end of the unilateral cessation of hostilities, and its irrevocable commitment to rid every inch of its homeland of empire-owned human garbage. This is why there is another chemical hoax afoot; F/UK/US has demonstrated its affinity to act as al Qaeda’s air force in Syria, as long as those beasts have a media story.

The savages are howling, including the ones in very expensive suits.

It has just been announced that the Syrian Arab Army has cleansed Maarat al Numan.

We can anticipate that the shrieks may become louder.

Miri Wood

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