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syria turkey a large border crossing to jihadists coming to syria

Turkey a Large Border Crossing to Jihadists Coming to Syria

Dec 08, 2012

ANKARA, (SANA) – After the US enlisted the terrorist organization of Jabhat al-Nusra on the international terrorism list, several western media outlets affirmed that Turkey is the main entrance for this terrorism into Syria.
Western media interviewed terrorists who spoke about the places they are coming from and the manner in which they enter Syria through Turkey.
A terrorist told the AFP that the journey of the extremists begin in Turkey, adding that they spare no effort to avoid journalists although they are spread all across the border areas between Turkey and Syria.

The AFP said it interviewed terrorists of several nationalities in Turkey and Syria, including Egyptians, Saudis and Algerians.
International Crisis Group stressed that there are foreign extremists who are directly involved in the fighting along with the armed groups in Syria.
The Group added that majority of these extremists are within the Salafi organizations, adding that the ambiguity circling their movements and locations made it so difficult to know their numbers and influence.

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