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The Tragedy of al-Yarmouk Continues, and Syrian Army Advances in Homs

Al-Watan Newspaper says that ” Units of Syrian Army has made preliminary operations to enter Taibet al-Imam town of Hama countryside and to put an end to the gunmen advancing toward the city”

Breaking News Network reporter said that Syria Army has returned many buildings in Homs that was under armed men control.
Al-Yarmouk Camp has witnessed since the earlier hours of today heavy clashes between members of Palestinian public committees and armed groups which infiltrated to the camp before two weeks causing more sufferance to the Camp’s residents
civilian sources say that it was used heavy and light weapons and mortar shells in these clashes
In Hama, an engineering unit of Syrian Army has dismantled 8 explosive charges that were planted on the international road Hama-Aleppo, after Soran Bridge to target the Syrian Army patrols that head to the northern countryside particularly to Taibet al-Imam town, where units of Syrian Army have continued their military operations in the main entrance as a preface to raid the town and to overpower the members of al-Nusra front and the local terrorists of it. 

Armed groups have fired many unknown type missiles from the southeast of Helfaia city on Mharda, one of them has fallen on the wall of the Martyr Tawfiq Makhol school, and other on the house of the citizen Jihad Hasua causing material damages in the house
In Homs, Breaking News Network correspondent mentions that “Units of Syrian Army have carried out a special operation, where they have enabled to liberate many government buildings in the center of the city near al-Mekbi market that was full of armed militias”. The buildings are the Directorate of Religious Endowments,  Baath Newspaper and Popular Credit Bank, in addition to building called Abu Laban.

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