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Syria: Terrorists in Lattakia flee to Turkish Borders


Latakia (Lattakia): Terrorists try to escape to Turkey.

According to reports from the situation in the countryside of the Syrian province of Lattakia (Latakia), the foreign-backed terrorist groups have partly escaped to the Turkish borders after the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have been able to gain full control of alleged all Syrian villages and districts of the famous and beautiful Syrian port city, Lattakia.

However, it is quite certain that there are still armed terrorists in the countryside of Lattakia (Latakia), although these new reports confirm the rating of the situation in the countryside of Syria’s famous port city under the considerations of the last successful military operations by the Syrian army in the region – especially in the northern countryside of Lattakia (Latakia).

So or so – the correspondent of FNA (Farsnews agency) has reported from Syria that the Syrian military, which has completely gained the full control of the countryside of Lattakia now, is sending its troops and military equipment to the Syrian province of Idlib (Idleb) and especially to the region of Salanfah there in order to soon begin with massive and intense military operations against the local terrorist groups in Syria’s province of Idlib (Idleb). Some might say this was about time.

Yesterday, the units of the Syrian army were able to regain the full control of further villages in the countryside of Lattakia (Latakia) after the troops of the Syrian forces have already gained the control over several Syrian villages in the region at the last weekend.

In addition, the Syrian army units eliminated a large number of foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in the countryside of Syria’s port city in the recent days and were even able to regain the control above the al-Nabi Ashi’a Mount and the relevant areas near the mountain.

According to a source from the Syrian military, the artillery of some units of the Syrian forces is now targeting several terrorist hideouts in the Syrian village of Salmi. The village of Salmi was previously evacuated from the residents by the Syrian soldiers in order to not hit Syrian civilians with the artillery fire.

The military source pointed out that the Syrian Arab army (SAA) has been again able to kill a large number of terrorists in the recent hours and to destroy several vehicles and trucks of the foreign-backed terrorist groups. Another army unit also dismantled several explosive devices in the region around the Syrian village of Salmi in the countryside of Lattakia (Latakia).


In the recent days, the units of the Syrian army were able to gain the full control above the Syrian villages of al-Khrata, al-Khanzourieh, Barodeh, Jabal al-Sha’ban, al-Ballouta, al-Shiekh Nibhan, al-Khrata and al-Hamushieh in the countryside of Syrias famous port city, Lattakia (Latakia) – just to name some villages, which are again under full control of the Syrian government / Syrian army.

Yesterday, some units of the Syrian army have found large amounts of partly modern weapons, ammunition as well as Turkish-made drugs during their targeted military operations in the villages of al-Hamboushiyeh, Barouda and al-Kharrata in the northern area of the countryside of Latakia (Lattakia). The weapons and ammunition has been destroyed by the Syrian soldiers after the majority of the terrorist groups were eliminated in the intense clashes by the Syrian forces.

Among the weapons of the killed terrorists in the area were mortar launchers, B9 and B29 missile launchers, modern machineguns as well as highly flammable material of C4.

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  1. Arklight

    It’s good that the rats are being run out of Syria. Too bad that the country is too rough to set up blocking forces along the border to catch the rats as they run, but a rat killed today is one less rat to kill tomorrow. Go, SAA! Good hunding!


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