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Iran: Israeli Regime is Chief Culprit for Crisis in Middle East

Old city of Jerusalem

Iran’s UN mission: Israel is the key culprit in inciting crisis in the region.

The UN mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran has described the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv as the chief culprit in the inciting of the crises and conflicts in the Middle East. Iran’s UN mission further underlined the brutal killing of Palestinians by the use of diverse arms and an example of this has just happened in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli security forces, some say regime forces, have gunned down a Palestinian man in the occupied area of the West Bank according to Palestinian medical officials and there is reason to doubt the statements of the Palestinian medical officials. Further, it is not the first time that Israeli security forces shot dead a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank it is probably also not the last time that such an incident happens.

The Palestinian guy was shot dead by Israeli security forces (regime forces) stormed the famous refugee camp of Jenin (e.g. Jenin, Jenin / Heart of Jenin, just to name some movies) on Tuesday. The Israeli regime forces have gunned down Majd al-Shaleh with shots directly into his heart. There has been no chance to aid Majd al-Shaleh to survive this.

Two other Palestinian persons were also injured in the incident in the refugee camp of Jenin according to the medical officials. One of the wounded Palestinians is still in serious condition and we wish him the best. The information says that the regime forces of Israel have penetrated into the Jenin refugee camp in order to arrest a local in the refugee camp.

The Israeli security forces fired at Palestinian youths after the youths in the refugee camp of Jenin started to throw stones at the Israeli regime forces. The Israeli forces responded to the stone-throwing Palestinians with live bullets.

Thus, this sad new incident in the Jenin refugee camp underlines the statements of Iran’s UN mission about the use of diverse weaponry as just a part of the crimes by the regime in Tel Aviv against the Palestinians. Further, that the Israeli regime is one of the main reasons for the crisis and conflicts in the Middle East, beside the Saudi regime and the regime in Qatar, is nothing new and certainly true.

Old city of Jerusalem
Old city of Jerusalem

On Monday, Seyed Mohammad Ali Mottaqi-Nejad, a member of the permanent mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York, said in front of a meeting of the often biased UN Security Council (UNSC) on the protection of civilians in the ongoing armed conflicts in several countries, that the persistent killings and violations of the rights of the Palestinian people by the Israeli regime in the illegally occupied territories are the outcome of the lack of accountability of the regime in Tel Aviv.

Seyed Mohammad Ali Mottaqi-Nejad also called on the UN Security Council (UNSC) during this meeting in New York on the protection of civilians in armed conflicts that the Council should finally take appropriate measures to protect all the Palestinians in the occupied Palestine and all other civilians in other parts of the world. The member of Iran’s UN mission also stated that the measures, adopted by the Israeli regime in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories and especially in the Gaza Strip, has “turned this region into the largest prison in the world.”

Mottaqi-Nejad also stated that the Israeli regime has attacked the Palestinian civilians with various bombs and that by the besieging of about one-and-a-half-million people in Gaza, there is no doubt that this is the largest prison in the world – while the “Western community of values” wilfully looks away from the violent acts of the Israeli regime against Palestinians.

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