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Syria Taught the World the Alphabet, Civilization and Humanity

ISIS Supporters War on ISIS

Syria, the oldest continous civilization on the planet not only gifted the world the first alphabet but also taught the whole world tolerance, humanity and civilization throughout its very long and rich history.

This is not a history lesson, just a single photo that brought some thoughts to my mind in a stark contrast between the images of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists sponsored by the West harvesting heads and lives in Syria now coming from 83 countries and of the Syrians who welcomed and protected hundreds of thousands of refugees from all sides of the ‘Old World’ who fled massacres in their countries and merged well in the Syrian society turning it to one of the most richest on our planet; examples of waves of refugees include and not limited to: tens of thousands of Armenians fleeing the Ottoman and new Turkish massacres, Caucasians fleeing the horrible situations in their Central Asian countries, 450,000 turning into 650,000 just prior the current Syrian crisis Palestinians fleeing the ugliest still-existing apartheid and land grab criminal Zionists entity in occupied Palestine aka Israel, 1.2 million Iraqis fleeing the US & UK illegal invasion based on lies to their country in this very century, not to mention tens of thousands of Lebanese and many others.

This same Syria that stood by each liberation and freedom movement from South Africa during the apartheid rule to Indian peaceful political movements, to Algerian, Sudanese, Eritrean, Yemeni, Palestinian, and many others. The same Syria that is standing almost alone in the face of the coalition of destruction led by the same colonial powers and consisting of all the ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ of 83 countries sending their filthiest filth to destroy the cradle of civilization in the world, Syria. The same Syria that Judaism, Christianity and Islam spread from it to the whole world is now being punished by the evil forces on the planet.

Damascus Medical Graduates 1940
Damascus Medical Graduates 1940

1940 Damascus University Graduates of Medical College, the whole West back then were killing each other in what was called the WWII, tens of millions perished during that crazy war that had nothing to do with Islam by the way, was Christians against Christians mainly and then against Buddhists on the other side of the planet.

One of the now ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ dropped 2 nuclear bombs on 2 full cities after Japan declared defeat just to further humiliate them and to practice their best hobby: Mass Murdering.

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ISIS Supporters War on ISIS
ISIS Supporters War on ISIS

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