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syria syrians reject the opposition coalition

Syrians reject the «Opposition Coalition»


December 13, 2012  1:14 AM  

After the phrase of “Here’s Damascus” that covered «Facebook», Syrians announced their solidarity to Damascus by rejecting the opposition coalition as the only representative for the Syrian People, where the “Friends of Syria” announced in their fourth meeting in Marrakesh their recognition of the coalition.

The Campaign of “Here’s Damascus” came by Syrians to reveal their solidarity with Damascus after the news stopped from the capital due to the suspension of the internet for several days.

Syrians have published phrases on the Facebook to announce rejecting the recognition in three languages; English, French and Arabic:

I am Syrian and the coalition does not represent me.

Je suis Syrien et la coalition ne me représente pas.

أنا سوري و مجلس “الإئتلاف” لا يمثلني

The French foreign minister, Loran Fabios, stated earlier that the representatives of 100 countries recognized the opposition coalition as the only representative to the Syrian People.

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