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The Syrian Public are Ready to Liquidate Militants – Webster Tarpley

An analyst says, to Washington’s dismay, Syrian populations living amongst armed rebel occupation are banning together to drive out the occupiers. In the background of this a video has surfaced online showing civilians, loyal to the Syrian government, being killed by western-backed rebels and in one case being buried alive. Observers say the Syrian people are fully aware now that Western and Arab Gulf country death squads and armed forces do not plan to bring any type of democracy or freedom to the country and the vast majority of the population have rallied behind President Assad. At the same time, rebel forces have not been able to secure and hold any provincial towns inside Syria, only small areas of occupation, and all reports indicate the Syrian government army has decimated rebel group numbers and that there is now a confident call by the government for Syrian families that have been displaced to return home.

Press TV has interviewed author and historian Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley to further discuss the issue

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