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syria syrian parties condemn turkish governments arrest of erdogans opposition jurists

Syrian Parties Condemn Turkish Government’s Arrest of Erdogan’s Opposition Jurists

Jan 19, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Syrian parties on Saturday condemned the Turkish government’s arrest of 85 persons, among them 15 lawyers of the Contemporary Lawyers’ Association (CHD), describing the act as “immoral”.
The Syrian Democratic National Bloc Party, the National Youth Party for Justice and Development and the Popular Front for Liberation and Change denounced in a statement the Turkish government’s move, saying “It was a desperate attempt to prevent the opposition rising movement against polices of the Turkish Justice and Development Party from prosecuting Erdogan’s Government on their involvement in crimes inside Syria.
The Turkish government arrested 85 figures, among them 15 lawyers from the (CHD) party. It also issued an arrest warrant against Selcuk Kozagacli, Chairman of the CHD and its members, Lawyer Oya Aslan.
The two lawyers lately visited Syria to inspect the damages that affected the Syrian people and find common denominators to raise lawsuits against the Turkish government which is involved in the events in Syria.

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