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Syria: Saudi Smuggling Route to Syria Disclosed

Saudi Smuggling Route to Syria Disclosed.

Saudi Smuggling Route to Syria Disclosed.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc – FARS) – Old dogs seldom learn new tricks. Information received by the Iranian FARS News Agency discloses that Saudi Arabia is using the same smuggling routes it has used to support the insurgency in Iraq which provided a pretext for years of US and allied occupation.

The smuggling route, used for transporting various types of weapons, ammunitions, bombs,military equipment and not least drugs to Iraq begins in Al-Nakhib in the western Al-Anbar province, near the Ar´ar border crossing. From there, the deadly contraband is shipped to the variety of terrorist organizations in Syria who are euphemistically described as “Free Syrian Army” as well as to terrorist organizations who are destabilizing Iraq.
Many of the Saudi weapons and equipment which have been used in military operations as well as in several suicide bombings and attacks in Iraq for years are now being re-routed to boost the foreign led mercenary troops in Syria.
Al-Nakhib has a population of 5.00+ residents who predominantly belong to the al-Hezal tribe which is supported by all other Sunni tribes in the region. The town links Saudi Arabia to Iraq as well as to Jordan and it has previously been noticed during the US-led war on Iraq. The town is also infamous for sectarian extremism and violence. In 2011 the criminal court in Al-Anbar province sentenced seven people to death for the killing of 22 Shiite bus passengers.
On Monday a senior Iraqi legislator issued a warning against plots which are being hatched by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia against Iraq, calling the citizens of Iraq to be vigilant. Earlier in 2012 Iraq´s Prime Minister Nouri Malaki warned that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are attempting to carry out an Iraq-style plot against Syria in an attempt to topple the government by deploying terrorists.
In an interview with the Lebanese al-Mayyadeen satellite network earlier in 2012, P.M. Nouri al-Malaki stated: ” Qatar and Saudi Arabia which are meddling to topple the Syrian government are now doing the same meddling to topple the Iraqi regime. Their goal is overthrowing the Iraqi government. Their goal is overthrowing the Iraqi ruling system and not overthrowing me”.
Ironically both Saudi Arabia and Qatar which both are notorious for their despotic political system and barbaric legal systems are branding the export of their illegal state sponsored terrorism under the banner of freedom, democracy and human rights.
So far, however, both Saudi Arabia and Qatar have failed  a sectarian dimension to the crisis in Syria. In fact, the deployment of Salafist extremist to Syria has united the entire political spectrum within the genuine Syrian political discourse behind the Syrian military and the government.
Earlier in 2012 the prominent Iraqi legislator, Al-Sayhood, issued a warning that much of the strategy which is being financed and carried out by Saudi Arabia and Qatar is in fact masterminded by Israel in an attempt to destabilize the sole Arab nation which so far has stood firm against imperialism and which consequently and consistently has backed the Arab and Palestinian cause.
Christof Lehmann
nsnbc – FARS

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